Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bridge Run Week!

It's been over a month, I know. I have had trouble finding positive things to talk about these days (aside from running...) I'm following the same half marathon training plan I used for the Oxford half. I signed up for the Renaissance half in Jackson on April 30. Before then, I have the Bridge Run 10K on Saturday, the Anderson Cup 5K next week, and the Lamar Raider run 10K on the 16Th. One of my goals this year was to PR in a 10K. I PR'd at the Winter run in Ridgeland in February (1:00:35). Now I hope to get under an hour! The Winter Run was really flat and VERY COLD! I sped up just to get finished because I couldn't feel my face. :) The Bridge run is mostly flat (except for the bridge of course, which isn't bad) and the Lamar race is pretty flat I'm told.

So we are leaving Friday for Charleston! (CAN'T WAIT!!!) Mom, Wes, myself, Josh, Ken and Deb are heading there for the weekend. We (minus Ken, Deb & Josh) plan to run the bridge run with Pete & Kelly. (It sold out this year BTW).

We recently got new furniture for the living room. We sold our old red sofa and yellow chair on Craig's List. Wes bought them long before we ever met. Our new stuff has a somewhat leather look to it. I think its called durablend or something. I like it. We got new pillows too. The ones in the picture are the old ones. Notice Wes' latest finished project. We got these stumps from a guy on Wadmalaw Island (SC) after a tornado came through. The island was hit pretty hard. We had seen some similar side table stumps at a hotel years ago and loved them. A few days after the tornado came through, we used our press id's to get through the police checkpoint (they closed the island to non-residents) and drove around looking for already cut trees. We found a guy who had several in his front yard. Wes explained what he was planning to do and asked if he could take some of the stumps. (We got the guys' address and I plan to send him a photo and thank him again.) We got five. They sat in the dining room of our apartment in Charleston until we moved (Probably 6 months or so). For the past 2 years, they have sat in the shed with a fan blowing at them to dry them out. A few months ago, Wes took them down to Dad's shop and spent three or four days sanding away. Now they are our "coffee table." There's another one next to the recliner. Yes, they are super heavy, but cool.