Monday, March 31, 2008

Edamame is good....

That's about all the positive info I have today. Oh yeah, and we won our softball game yesterday 12 - 0. It was cold. That's it.

I'm out of positive news because Papaw is back in the hospital again and that drowns everything else out. Please pray for him, and me.

Love everyone.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Please keep my Papaw in your thoughts and prayers. He is in the hospital and is doing okay, but I am worried. This is the prime example of why I am so homesick. I want to go home so bad right now! Mom says he'll be fine. He's not sleeping good through the night and wakes up confused because of lack of oxygen. But I'm still worried.

Not much is going on this week. Just down in the dumps. We start softball on Sunday. I haven't talked to Pete or Kelly in several days because Pete is working and Kelly keeps loosing her phone. I've been going to the gym the last few days because it's been too cold to run the bridge. I will probably go back to the bridge on Friday. It's supposed to be 80. The Bridge Run is a week and a half away (April 5). I'm looking foward to it. I don't have a goal time, I just want to beat last years time. The race passes Wes' station around mile 2, just before the bridge. I'm going to stop there because Wes will be out there with the camera. I'm wearing my watch so I can time myself. I am parking my car downtown and then he's taking me to the start line, before he goes to work. They close the bridge down for most of the day and it's difficult to go back if you parked in Mt. Pleasant. There are busses and ferrys, but there's also 50,000 people on foot. I'd rather be prepared. Last year we parked near the aquarium and that worked pretty well.

That's about it. Hopefully I'll be more chipper soon... I'm making myself sad now....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh Well....

Jericho got cancelled! Not really surprised.

Friday, March 21, 2008

5 litter boxes

Okay, I know that sounds like we have 25 cats. We only have 1, I promise. When we got Phoebe, we bought a large litter box. When we moved to Charleston, the only good place for it is in the half bath, in which it doesn't fit. So we got another triangular shaped one that fit better and had a door to help keep the smell down. A while back, we found one at Petsmart that we liked better. It's shaped like a rectangular Rubbermaid bin, but with a grid top (to eliminate tracking litter) with a hole in it. We ordered it online and it arrived today. But here's the deal. They sent us THREE! Three brand new litter boxes for the price of one! This has happened to me before. Once I ordered a camo life jacket for Pete's birthday, and they sent me two.

I just watched Jericho from this week (great show). After the "nuts" deal last season, I was expecting this to be the last season. The promo for next weeks show says its the "season finale," not the "series finale." That tells me they may be continuing the show next season. Yeah! I've also been watching Eli Stone. I like it. It's growing on me.

Lost was great this week!! It's not returning for a month. Darn writer's strike. For you Losties', go back to last week's episodes and look at the dates on the tombstone. Makes you think.....

Happy Easter, everyone.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Mom & Dad
Married March 18, 1978

Aren't they cute!! Still cute I think!!! :)
Love you guys!!!


Went back to the bridge yesterday. I really wore myself out. I walked to the top, ran the rest of the way down to the Charleston fence, turned around and ran all the way back to Mt. Pleasant. (uphill most of the way!) Surprisingly, I am not as sore as I expected. My feet feel fine. I haven't done that in a while because my feet/toes will ache a lot after running uphill. I'm very tempted to go again today. We'll see..... I need to go to the gym. I'm paying for it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More pics...

Sailboat seen from the first diamond.

This is were Wes works. His station is at the foot of the bridge on the Mt. Pleasant side. Their building is much nicer than my station's building.


These are the satellite dishes outside the building. Army Wives shot a few scenes here as the "radio station" last season.

More Pics...

The storms on Saturday knocked over several signs on the bridge. It appears that they were designed to tilt over instead of break.

A container ship in the port (Charleston side)

Charleston Side

Mt. Pleasant side

More Bridge Picks from today

Went back to the bridge today. It was not overcast so I brought the camera again. When I drove up to the bridge, there was a High Wind Advisory sign lit up. I was worried I wouldn't be able to stand up (I've seen people fall over and loose their hats!!). But it was fine. I spent several hours running and walking around taking pictures, watching the sailboats. It was very soothing. I started on the Mt. Pleasant side, as always. Here's some more pics..

There were tornado warnings on Saturday night. A tornado hit a neighborhood in our county (15 miles or so away from us). It barely rained at our house. These containers at the port (Charleston Side) look like they got knocked over.

I just ran that!! This is taken from the bottom on the Charleston side.

Looking toward Mt. Pleasant.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pics from the Bridge today

It was a bit overcast and really windy. I didn't stay but an hour or so. I walked to the middle of the diamonds and ran back down twice... Here's some pics. I tried out our new camera.

Army Wives Pics

Read previous post for an explanation......
SWAT Truck parked nearby

Front of the Hump Bar with "blown up" looking props

Actors (?) and crew in front of the bar

Here's the Humvee and crew packing up. The Ambulance is also part of the scene.

Some guy (extra?) waved at me while I was playing Paparrazzi.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fast news

This week has went by pretty fast. Maybe because Wes' days off last week were different and he only worked a four day week. Plus, there wasn't a Noon show yesterday and there's not one today either!! Yesterday, I went home at 9AM and crawled right back into bed! It was great!! Today I'll leave around 10:30. I'm probably going to run the bridge if it's a nice enough day (hopefully it won't be too windy up there).

On Wednesday, I had my last Post op for my right foot. The last few weeks, I've been having serious cramps in my toes on my LEFT foot. Doc said that I have the beginnings of a stress fracture from the surgery. It's probably due to the way the weight is distributed now and the pressure that my little toes are experiencing. It's mostly my second toe. (BTW, my right foot is fine.) He told me to wear the boot for a week or so to let it rest. I haven't yet. I will next week (when I have a regular work week). It doesn't hurt all the time, but when it does, it's torture!! I've been using Maderma for about a month to get rid of the scar. I can't tell if it's working because it says to use it for 3-4 months! We'll see.

On Thursday, Wes & I went downtown and walked everywhere! We parked at the visitors center and walked to the market, then to Waterfront Park, down East Bay St. to the Battery and back through the neighborhoods at the end of Meeting St. Many, Many miles.... We stayed down there for 4-5 hours! It was perfect weather and really nice at the pier too. Of course we forgot our camera!! (oh, well) But we ended up going camera shopping after that. For weeks, we've been looking for a new hand-held point & shoot digital camera we can use when we don't want to bring our big one. We found a Kodak 10mp one at OfficeMax, but paid the price that Target was advertising. Target was out of stock. We went back and forth to several stores before we finally got them to price match it.
After that, we went home and got our big camera and drove by the Hump Bar! For anyone who is familiar with the TV Show Army Wives (Lifetime, currently in reruns), this show is based in and filmed in Charleston. The show is about life on an Army base (hence the name). They've used several sites near our house for shoots. (Trident Technical College, the old navy base & base housing--all public now, Hampton Park downtown and the Hump bar) The Hump Bar is where "Roxy," one of the characters works and where many "army" people hang out. The building where they shoot the Hump bar scenes is about a mile from our house. It's not used for anything and has had a for sale sign on it for months. But yesterday when we drove by, they had the sign down, the "Hump Bar" sign up and there were several flowers and crosses set up like a memorial. (SPOILER: In the last scene of Season 1, a guy walked in with a bomb strapped around his waste.) ((((Highlight in this empty spot for an explanation.)))) When we came back from downtown, there was a SWAT Team truck in front and several cops cars around, as well as a large light grid and camera crews around. When we drove by with the camera, the SWAT truck was moved away and there were ambulances and a Humvee with several army people and "cops" standing around. We passed by twice and I took several pictures. I can't post them now because they are on the computer at home. I'll post them this evening..... Wes thinks I'm crazy for taking pictures of them, but my mother would have killed me if I hadn't.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm a nerd.

While flipping channels earlier today, I came across an old movie with Halle Berry. I couldn't remember the name of it. I was about to change the channel, but something caught my eye.. OCEANIC AIRLINES was on the side of the plane in the movie. It was about an airplane in trouble and Kurt Russel was trying to land it with Halle's help. (The movie is called Executive Decision.) Now I am determined to find if there any other movies/TV shows that used Oceanic. That's my chore for tomorrow...

Anyway, this week was pretty normal. Wes was off on Thursday & Friday. On Thursday we went downtown and ate at a restaurant we haven't been to yet. (Great appetizer, but mediocre food. Gilligan's is still better.) It was supposed to be bad weather on Thursday, but turned out fine. We went window shopping. Went to the gym yesterday. I also finished reading Hewitt Clarke's books this week. We had softball practice today. I did better. I feel better about my "skills," although I still think I am one of the weakest players. This was Pete's first practice. We have some really good players this year though. I think we'll be a good team this season.

Now, go do something NOT boring......


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aren't we Cute!!!!

Found this in my old pictures.... There's more on the Hydricks' blog.... Anybody know where this was taken??