Friday, May 30, 2008

Clever Title Here.... Random Pics From This Week

This pic is from last Sunday when I walked the bridge. I thought all the wake lines from the boats looked cool...

Wes & I got steaks to "grill" on Thursday. Notice our teeny tiny grill! It's the perfect size for two and works great! Cheap too!! The steaks were Delicious!!!!!! There was a cool dragonfly flying around while we were out there.

This afternoon Pete, Kelly and I went to Frankie's and played Putt-Putt. I took the camera along as always.....

I also made some REALLY GOOD cookies today too. They are white chocolate/macadamia nut but made with peanut butter cookies. EXCELLENT!!!!

I have to work for a few hours tomorrow morning. The children's hospital telethon starts at 8am. I have to work from 7-11am.

LOST is officially over this season. Last nights episode was excellent! A LOT of questions were answered. New ones were raised, of course, but now I can ponder the new ones instead of racking my brain trying to figure out answers to old ones. Season 4 is already on Amazon for pre-order. It comes out on December 8th.

**Please pray for Wes and I this weekend and next week. We have a pretty big decision to make. **

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"Fringe" is a new TV show on Fox from JJ Abrams. It seems really cool!! Here's a link to the 3 minute preview trailer:

And a link to the Cloverfield clues blog with a discription:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

P. S.


I'm Broke!!!

Yesterday, for the first time, I paid over $40 to fill my car with gas!! (It wasn't completely empty either!) I vote to start a petition to create bike lanes on the interstates! I live eleven miles from work. I can do that!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Butch & Diane

Butch & Diane (Dad's Cousin) and their daughter came into town. We met them for dinner downtown. Here's a pic from the battery.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Army Wives Virtual Tour"

Wes calls this blog the Army Wives Virtual Tour. He says I should start a site similar to LostVirtualTour. I'm not obsessed, I swear. I just think it's neat that they are shooting right down the road from us. We drove through the old Navy base yesterday on our way home from Wadmalaw Island (avoiding the interstate) and saw them out shooting in what looked like a garage scene. There was an ambulance there with "Fort Marshall" written on the side (the name of the Army Post in the show). Here's some pics.

Root Canal Today! Yipee!

Yesterday, Wes and I went back to Wadmalaw Island. The roads are open now. We stopped at a man's house and asked if we could have some of his logs that were already cut. The reason is because we want to make stools/side tables like the ones we saw at a hotel in Atlanta. It's basically a section of a tree that has been sanded and stained. (similar to this one, but larger) We got five pieces from his yard. We'll see how they turn out. It will be a time-consuming project. They are now sitting against the wall in our dining room. On the way home, we avoided the interstate and decided to go to Magnolia Cemetery. It's a huge cemetery along the river. It's also where the Hunley crews are buried. The Hunley is a submarine that sank in the 1860's. It remained "missing" until 2004 when it was found a few miles from the harbor. Pretty interesting story. It sank several times and each time, some or all of the crew was killed. All of them are buried in a section at the cemetery. Here's a picture.

These are the graves of the old crews. The oval shaped one on the right is Horace Hunley, the sub's namesake.

Root Canal!!!!!

Seriously, I was somewhat looking forward to it, just because I could leave work early! Apparently, My dentist in Birmingham misshaped one of my crowns to where there's a gap at my gumline. It started hurting a few weeks ago and nearly took me out! I didn't have a root canal on that tooth 2 years ago because I was told I didn't need it. The problem now is the crown didn't properly cover it and now it's necessary. I called my old dentist yesterday and told them what was happening. The lady said she would pull my chart and call me back. I didn't ask for any compensation (although it would be nice considering I have to pay for a second crown) and I was nice about it. We'll see. I feel fine though. It wasn't bad at all. I'm still numb as of 5pm (appt. was at 10).

Pete has bought himself a new(used) fishing boat. Yesterday, while we were looking at it, an alligator was looking at us..... (top right corner)

As soon as I got home from my fun with the dentist, Pete & Wes were getting ready to go fishing. I joined them.

Can you find the Alligator???

Another Gator sighting. We saw several dozen, large and small. This is one of the largest ones. But unfortunately, there were no fish biting.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Army Wives Promo

(Here ya go Mom!)

I just watched Army Wives. The new season starts June 8. We've seen them out and about shooting scenes over the last few months. I saw the new promo and there's a voice that says "Colonel, can you confirm the number of casualties?" I believe that person is one of our reporters, Erin Colgan.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

live five softball

The league is so unfair!! I didn't know this until yesterday, but when teams were signing up for the leagues, there were only 2 teams that registered for the competitive league. So they put them in our league, the Non-competitive league. Unfortunately, those were two of the teams we played. It was terrible and embarrassing! The first game (a competitive team) gave us some real competition. We tried our best to keep up but ended up loosing by 16-4 or so. The second game was against a team in our league. I think we were bummed and tired by the first game because we lost that one too. Not as bad though I don't think. I can't remember the score. The third game was the worst. It was as if were playing the Riverdogs! In the first inning, they got our first three batters out. Then turned around and scored 19 points!!! One guy hit the ball over the fence. It bounced in the middle of the road and landed in the parking lot of the grocery store across the street! This is the first time they have used the 25 run rule (If one team is up 25 runs by the third, the game is called!) Their players were jerks too! We lost 27-1!!!! It was completely unfair!! Everybody was upset. Here's some pics from the second & third game. I played catcher (yippee) for the first game. Then sat out the second and played second base for the minuscule third game. Pete played third base during the second game and sat out the other two. I gave Kelly the camera during the third game. Kelly came to watch along several other folks from the station.

Maggie on base with Scott (#23 - coach) as 3rd base coach.

(l-r) Bob (sports guy), Ed (photog), Maggie, Michelle (both AM prod), Kristy (#2 - producer), Amy (anchor), Jenny (producer), Craig (leaning down #25 - photog)

Pete hitting

Pete on 3rd Base. Andy (sports guy) at Short Stop.

Pete's wearing my old shirt from WTOK's softball team.

Me running.

We have two games next week. Hopefully we'll have better luck. I'm not betting on it.

(Happy 100 Posts To Me!!)

Riverdogs Game...

Here's a pic from Saturday night's Riverdogs Game. Wes & I got tickets from the station. It was supposed to be "Live 5 Night." We were the only folks there (besides two other people--one producer and one production).

In the back are Me and Chad Watson(morning weather).
Next is Jenny Merrithew(morning producer), Harve Jacobs(Reporter), and Bill Burr(Morning Anchor).

HarborFest 2008

On Saturday, I went to the Charleston Harbor Fest downtown. There were several "tall ships" as well as smaller boats that you could look at. The tall ships were the "Spirit of South Carolina," "Amistad," "Virginia," and a few others. It was free but you had to pay to get on the ships. I didn't pay because I could walk right up to the ships and see nearly everything from the pier. There were also exhibits from local canoe makers and a boat building contest. Here's some pics:

The "Amistad" was the neatest looking one I thought. It looked more like a pirate ship than the others. They are all reproductions of historic ships. The "Spirit Of South Carolina" docks in the harbor and is used for educational trips.

The water taxi that took people from the Maritime Center to Patriots Point (there were other activities over there) was named "Ms. Evelyn."

This frog was sitting at the entrance of the Aquarium.

The port was empty. But there was a Norwegian Cruiseliner in the harbor. Right before I left, it pulled out of the harbor.