Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I feel like crap. My head hurts. I'm congested. My throat hurts. I have already coughed up one lung, working on the other. I left work early today and crawled back in bed with Wes. I started feeling sick on Saturday, but felt better on Sunday. Yesterday it all went downhill. This morning I felt like I had a fever. I am slowly feeling better this afternoon, but I'm still working on that lung. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow if I'm not any better.

We lost both softball games on Sunday. I didn't play the first one because we had plenty of girls. I played second base for half the second game. It's about time I did something else. Unfortunately, the first ball that came to me popped up and hit my wrist. I have a nice warwound with the stitching from the ball nicely protrayed. The redness is going away and the bruise is coming through now. Yea. We aren't playing this weekend, but we have THREE games on the 18th. One is makeup for two weeks ago when it got rained out.

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