Sunday, May 18, 2008

live five softball

The league is so unfair!! I didn't know this until yesterday, but when teams were signing up for the leagues, there were only 2 teams that registered for the competitive league. So they put them in our league, the Non-competitive league. Unfortunately, those were two of the teams we played. It was terrible and embarrassing! The first game (a competitive team) gave us some real competition. We tried our best to keep up but ended up loosing by 16-4 or so. The second game was against a team in our league. I think we were bummed and tired by the first game because we lost that one too. Not as bad though I don't think. I can't remember the score. The third game was the worst. It was as if were playing the Riverdogs! In the first inning, they got our first three batters out. Then turned around and scored 19 points!!! One guy hit the ball over the fence. It bounced in the middle of the road and landed in the parking lot of the grocery store across the street! This is the first time they have used the 25 run rule (If one team is up 25 runs by the third, the game is called!) Their players were jerks too! We lost 27-1!!!! It was completely unfair!! Everybody was upset. Here's some pics from the second & third game. I played catcher (yippee) for the first game. Then sat out the second and played second base for the minuscule third game. Pete played third base during the second game and sat out the other two. I gave Kelly the camera during the third game. Kelly came to watch along several other folks from the station.

Maggie on base with Scott (#23 - coach) as 3rd base coach.

(l-r) Bob (sports guy), Ed (photog), Maggie, Michelle (both AM prod), Kristy (#2 - producer), Amy (anchor), Jenny (producer), Craig (leaning down #25 - photog)

Pete hitting

Pete on 3rd Base. Andy (sports guy) at Short Stop.

Pete's wearing my old shirt from WTOK's softball team.

Me running.

We have two games next week. Hopefully we'll have better luck. I'm not betting on it.

(Happy 100 Posts To Me!!)

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Greg C said...

I remember those days. We would get stuck playing those teams that were out for blood and we were there just to have fun.Good luck on your next game.