Thursday, May 15, 2008

We got Whoopped!!!

Tomorrow is Pete's Birthday. Wes & I are taking them out to dinner tonight. Yesterday, we drove down to Wadmalaw Island. A tornado hit there last weekend and caused a big ruckus. Several miles of the main road was closed off because of the damage. Some of the large hardwoods that hang over the road were blown over and several houses were destroyed. This is where the Charleston Tea Plantation is. (December Post) We used Wes' press pass to get through, but the road crews were there with huge earth movers and had the road completely blocked. There were huge trees snapped splintered in half. We left and drove all the way to Mt. Pleasant because Wes wanted to eat at Jack's Cosmic Dogs. They are supposed to have the best hot dogs. Traffic was busy and it took forever to get there. We were both starving. We walked in and they had boxes and carts everywhere. The guy behind the counter said they were closed for painting and remodeling. The doors were wide open which was why we couldn't see the closed sign. Wes was dissappointed. We'll probably try again next week. We ended up at Mama Fu's!! :) On the way home, we got stuck in traffic again!

Three softball games on Sunday!! Yeah!!

PS: I'm almost to 100 Posts!!!

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