Thursday, May 22, 2008

Root Canal Today! Yipee!

Yesterday, Wes and I went back to Wadmalaw Island. The roads are open now. We stopped at a man's house and asked if we could have some of his logs that were already cut. The reason is because we want to make stools/side tables like the ones we saw at a hotel in Atlanta. It's basically a section of a tree that has been sanded and stained. (similar to this one, but larger) We got five pieces from his yard. We'll see how they turn out. It will be a time-consuming project. They are now sitting against the wall in our dining room. On the way home, we avoided the interstate and decided to go to Magnolia Cemetery. It's a huge cemetery along the river. It's also where the Hunley crews are buried. The Hunley is a submarine that sank in the 1860's. It remained "missing" until 2004 when it was found a few miles from the harbor. Pretty interesting story. It sank several times and each time, some or all of the crew was killed. All of them are buried in a section at the cemetery. Here's a picture.

These are the graves of the old crews. The oval shaped one on the right is Horace Hunley, the sub's namesake.

Root Canal!!!!!

Seriously, I was somewhat looking forward to it, just because I could leave work early! Apparently, My dentist in Birmingham misshaped one of my crowns to where there's a gap at my gumline. It started hurting a few weeks ago and nearly took me out! I didn't have a root canal on that tooth 2 years ago because I was told I didn't need it. The problem now is the crown didn't properly cover it and now it's necessary. I called my old dentist yesterday and told them what was happening. The lady said she would pull my chart and call me back. I didn't ask for any compensation (although it would be nice considering I have to pay for a second crown) and I was nice about it. We'll see. I feel fine though. It wasn't bad at all. I'm still numb as of 5pm (appt. was at 10).

Pete has bought himself a new(used) fishing boat. Yesterday, while we were looking at it, an alligator was looking at us..... (top right corner)

As soon as I got home from my fun with the dentist, Pete & Wes were getting ready to go fishing. I joined them.

Can you find the Alligator???

Another Gator sighting. We saw several dozen, large and small. This is one of the largest ones. But unfortunately, there were no fish biting.

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