Sunday, May 18, 2008

HarborFest 2008

On Saturday, I went to the Charleston Harbor Fest downtown. There were several "tall ships" as well as smaller boats that you could look at. The tall ships were the "Spirit of South Carolina," "Amistad," "Virginia," and a few others. It was free but you had to pay to get on the ships. I didn't pay because I could walk right up to the ships and see nearly everything from the pier. There were also exhibits from local canoe makers and a boat building contest. Here's some pics:

The "Amistad" was the neatest looking one I thought. It looked more like a pirate ship than the others. They are all reproductions of historic ships. The "Spirit Of South Carolina" docks in the harbor and is used for educational trips.

The water taxi that took people from the Maritime Center to Patriots Point (there were other activities over there) was named "Ms. Evelyn."

This frog was sitting at the entrance of the Aquarium.

The port was empty. But there was a Norwegian Cruiseliner in the harbor. Right before I left, it pulled out of the harbor.

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