Thursday, August 4, 2011

laying low...

Been lying low lately. Sorry. Not much going on. It's way to hot to do much! I did manage to get 108 miles in July though! (No help from the Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot.) Still on track for my 2011 goal. Our running group is blossoming steadily! We have 26 people running Tupelo next month. We just ordered tech tanks and I'm setting up a pre-race dinner. I'm looking forward to a great race with a great group of folks. It's likely gonna be SUPER HOT this year. Not looking forward to that. Last year's weather was excellent. I'm pretty sure that's the reason I had such a good race. Not expecting that this year.

I'm planning my next marathon adventure right now. I'm currently set on the New Orleans marathon on March 4th. It's really flat and close enough to not break the bank. (NY = $$$$!!) I'll do the Blues Half in Jackson as well on Jan. 7th. I also decided after this years Sunfish that I am participating next year!! My first Triathlon! Mom, Dad & Wes volunteered with me this year. They enjoyed it. Here's a picture of Me, Dad, Tim and Mahlon in the water before the race. (Dad wasn't paying attention).

I'm officially a college student again!!!! :) I've finally decided on what I wanted to do. Exercise Science. I'm taking a few classes at MCC, then heading to UWA next year. Can't wait! With this degree I can do a number of things fitness related, from personal training to coaching. I haven't decided that part yet. We'll see what sparks my interest. I want to remain active and involved and this will help me do that. It'll also help BRC too!