Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Pics

Went for a bike ride today. I went around the country club twice. It was a bit chilly, but really nice. (My rear hurts already. I'll be sore tomorrow...) When I came home, I got my book and read outside on the porch. I'm reading my favorite author, Wally Lamb. His new book is called The hour I first Believed. Really good so far. It's about a couple going through tough times and then wamm... Columbine. They are both teachers there. (It's fiction.) I haven't gotten to that part yet. I'm still reading about their family histories. The main character in the book "grew up" with the main characters from Lamb's other book (my favorite), I Know this much is True. Phoebe sat "with" me, in the window. She was intensely watching a squirrel in the tree. Mom says she's fat. Okay, maybe a little.

No roses on the fence yet....

My "flowers."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain Rain go AWAY!!!

You know how people can predict the weather when their back starts to hurt? I think I'm one of them, only with me it's my calves and shins. This week, I've tried several times to run and each time I've had no luck... I don't know what's going on... It's rained all week. It's not stopping.

One week till the Bridge Run!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I think I know who's going to die!!

On LOST.... Here's why...

Larry Fire on his firewire blog posted this on March 12..... In it he says that "someone will die this season, but it's not Kate. Well, I've been reading Hurley's Blog lately and noticed that he linked to his girlfriend's blog. I clicked over to it one day when I was bored. She actually has two. The one linked to Jorge's is mostly poetry and creative writing. But on the right is a link to her "everyday" blog. I looked at it one day when I was bored and noticed that one recent entry was titled, "We're moving to London!" It said that her dream is coming true...London here we come!... I mentioned it to Wes one day because I thought it was kind of significant and maybe he was the one who would die. Wes told me today that he looked at Hurley's blog and then to hers and said that the London entry wasn't there...... I checked it again too. It was gone! Maybe they made her take it off..... Maybe it's true.......... Makes you wonder.......

random pics....

My new bike!

My flowers! (in a few weeks)

Some pretty colors from the yard...
The weather is AMAZING!!! We've slept with the windows open nearly every night this week. I love hearing the birds in the morning! I ran this morning. I went downtown, totaling 6.75. It was great! My flowers are sprouting!! I have three little green sprouts coming up!
I feel the need to take a picture!! Maybe I'll wait till they are a little more visable....

Wes & I went to Heart & Sole and bought bikes today. We got two Trek 7000, 21 speeds. Unfortunately, they are identical. We'll have to do something to them to change that. I'm excited! I'm going to ride tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My quest for new sidewalks.....

I wrote the newspaper today about the horrible sidewalks in this town. We'll see if anything happens. I am not celebrating just yet.

To the Meridian City Council:

I have lived in the Meridian area most of my life. About 6 years ago, I took up running as a hobby and a form of exercise. I usually run 6-8 miles at a time, several times a week. I am not at all fast, nor do I consider myself a competitive runner. I’ve always dreamed of running a marathon, but I can’t seem to find the motivation or willpower to endure the training in takes to complete one. In 2007, my husband and I lived in Charleston , South Carolina and fell in love with the city streets and bridges there. The city is perfect for pedestrians. I am returning to Charleston soon to participate in the annual Cooper River Bridge Run, one of the largest 10K road races in the Southeast. It’s a beautiful course that takes you over Charleston Harbor and into downtown.

I'm writing this letter because this city is in desperate need of help! We are NOT pedestrian friendly! While running the roads near my house, I'm constantly watching out for fear of falling or twisting something. The sidewalks in the city are absolutely HORRIBLE! I would love to see new and improved sidewalks along the main roads like 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 10th (near the golf course)avenues, etc. The sidewalks that exist are in desperate need of repair, especially along 23rd Avenue . There is a section of sidewalk near the American Red Cross that is made of brick on both sides of the road. Part of is overgrown with weeds and other parts are uneven with bricks missing or broken. This is the worst section for runners! I have twisted my ankles three times there. One section of sidewalk a few blocks from Andersons Hospital is so broken up; there are foot deep holes and gaps that get worse each time it rains. The sidewalk between 20th and 28th streets is nearly unusable, especially in front of Hope Village . Along 23rd Ave. , from 43rd street to MHS, there is no sidewalk at all. The other roads I’ve mentioned are just as bad or worse.

I would also like to suggest a marked 5k trail park. An excellent example is Spain Park , on Valleydale Road in Birmingham , AL . The trail goes in front of Spain Park High School , around a small pond and through a wooded area in between the High School and Jefferson State Community College . It also features a playground and dog area. Speaking for myself, I never go to Bonita Lakes because I can’t stand running in circles.

I know the economy is awful right now and money is tight, but if we can dedicate millions of dollars to another unnecessary hotel and an overpriced renovation of City Hall (which honestly, most local residents will hardly utilize), I think we should be able to spend several thousand to improve the sidewalks as an inexpensive attempt at making our city greener, healthier and more friendly to pedestrians.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More quarters to collect...

This year the quarters are the US territories. I got a DC quarter the other day... I looked on the US Mint website and read about them. Beginning next year, they will start minting quarters representing the countries National Parks.

Yeah.... More quarters to collect!!

Random thoughts from my tired mind.

I finished Alias yesterday. It was kind of sad. Now I have nothing to watch while I'm home by myself... Maybe I'll start Lost when Mom gets done with it... I also watch Fried Green Tomatoes yesterday. GREAT MOVIE! I can almost quote it completely. My favorite scene is the food fight scene. My DVD is the extended version and includes the deleted scenes. It also has a documentary on making the movie. It was filmed in Juliet, GA, a no red light "town" with about 25 people. I plan on getting the book soon. There's also a cookbook.

Wes starts his new job this week. Did I mention that before? I can't remember. He got a job at the airport here in town. (Yeah, the one with only two flights to Atlanta each day - closed on holidays...) He's going to be working at the place where planes get serviced and gased up, called the FBO, I think. All the planes that come in use this service. All the privately owned planes (the doctors), the ASA planes (Delta), and the Air Force pilot training planes from Columbus, to name a few. That's about all I know. Wes is looking forward to it. He starts on Thursday. He quit the TV station yesterday. Yesterday, we gave Phoebe a bath and then planted an Apple tree in the yard. I also planted some seeds and flower bulbs in the planter along the carport. (I don't know what you call it.) Today he took apart the bathroom, recaulked the tub and is attempting to replace the faucets. This house is old and it's giving him fits. We've been to Lowe's twice in as many days, and we have to go back tomorrow...

I've been thinking lately about a new career... I've been in TV for over 8 years. I'm kind of sick of it. (As if that isn't obvious) I don't know if it's related to the recent poorly chosen career move that I made. Possibly. But in general, I'm ready for a change. I told myself for years that I wanted to go back to school. I've considered finishing my bachelor's in Broadcasting, but I have NO desire to do that anymore. I want a regular job, but not a desk job. I have been toying with a few options. Here they are:

x-Ray Technician
Court Reporter

Totally different, I know. Based on the current economy, the medical field is pretty much the only stable field out there. I have no desire to become a nurse (never have). I don't want to deal with respiratory therapy (I've seen enough with Papaw). Physical therapy is more schooling than I'm willing to commit to. I've figured out that x-ray is the farthest thing from the blood and gore I can get. I really liked Biology class (although I liked the plant section more than anatomy, but learning how the body works was cool). The program at MCC would be tough because I'd have to be a fulltime student and do clinicals all summer. I wouldn't be able to work full-time if at all, so I'll have to wait till Wes gets out. The only pre-requisite/core classes I don't have yet are A&P 1&2. I can go ahead and take them in the fall & spring of next year and be ready to start the program in August '10, providing Wes will be done or almost done and I can maintain a job for at least that first semester.... (It's too late to get in for this fall.) There are so many ifs..... Mom's going to see if I can shadow someone at the hospital soon. Maybe that will help me decide. A&P would be interesting and even if I don't do radiology, they may come in handy for something else.

I've always enjoyed typing and writing. Court reporters make great money and there's specific school programs for this, some even online. Problem is, this is a small town and the demand around here is non-existent. I'd still think it be fun though. That'd be a job with normal hours, for sure. Con: Desk job.

Landscaper. I like to cut things down in the yard. It's fun. I love my new pair of clippers! (Just ask the Azalea bushes in the back yard, or what's left of them). I like plants and being outside in the yard. (Not big on cutting grass although weedeating is fun. Don't like the idea of being sweaty hot all the time, but maybe I can get over that) I have a friend in the business here. I may call him up one day and talk to him about it. He owns his own business and has done quite well, I'm told.

The church is starting a CO-ED SOFTBALL TEAM!!! ! YEAH!!!! I signed up on Sunday.

Gotta go. Going running in the AM. It's been raining for 4 days!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Lost Loop Theory...

This is a great theory for what's going on. It's a bit long, but truly interesting and if its accurate, explains A LOT!!!!
Found it on "The Fire Wire." (Thanks dude!!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I've gotten Lost... Running....

Today, I have nearly given up. Running I mean. Things just aren't going right. I can't get over the shin splints and the aches and pains in my calves. It's ridiculous! Maybe I'm doing too much too fast. Maybe I'm just not built to be an avid runner. I don't know. But my confidence in myself is flat lining. I'm going to try to take it slower. Start over, kind of. But I'll get bored real quick doing one mile at a time. We'll see. I'm not thinking about a half marathon right now....

Anyway, now to my lost theory....

I think I figured it out! I'm pretty confident about my theory. I thought about it last night in the shower. Okay, here's we go. (Highlight this empty spot to read. I don't want to spoil it for anyone!) In the last episode, I noticed something. Well, it didn't come to my until last night actually, but I noticed, as I'm sure everyone else did, is that Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun and Hurley all landed "somewhere else" when their plane "crashed." (Although, we don't know where Sun is currently). Later, the new passengers realize that Locke wasn't "on the plane." The guy told him that "the fat guy sitting next to me just disappeared" before the plane crashed. So, are they on the island in a different time or place??? I think so...... Here's another thought. For some unknown reason, Locke had to die in order for the others to come back. Think back to the very first episode.... Christian Shepard was dead and in the cargo hold of the plane. Maybe Jack wasn't just losing it when he saw his father alive... Was he a "sacrifice"too? Did he die in order for other people to "return" to the island. Did they disappear from the plane before it landed? And are the new people from the second plane crash just casualties of Locke's mission and are they going to suffer through the same sort of fate that everyone else has? Their only advantage (or disadvantage) is that they have Ben Linus with them? I wonder what his role in this will be, if any.
Email me and let me know what ya'll think.......

Pictures from Yesterday's Party

Yesterday was wonderful!! Papaw was the happiest I've seen him in years. The babies were great. Nathan is 13 months and Gracie is 7 months. We had cake and ice cream and Papaw's favorite foods from the Village Kitchen. These pictures aren't in any kind of order. Some I took and some Dad took. Several of our neighbors came by as well to wish Papaw a Happy Birthday.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Precious Pictures of Wes & Phoebe....

My Favorite!!

Sunday Snow!!!!

It's snowed this morning! It was beautiful. I woke up and was in the bathroom getting ready for church, and looked out the window and saw nothing but white! By the time I got dressed, most of it was melted. It was still a welcomed site....