Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Here's some pictures from today at Mom & Dad's house. Wes & I woke up early and went to spend the day in Enterprise. (Poor Phoebe was all by herself today... :( )

Dad, uh, that's Luann's christmas present.... :)
Dad made Mom go on a treasure hunt for her gift>... First he gave her a memory card for his camera...
the camera card had a picture of this jug on it... there was a note in the jug but she couldn't get it out....
Then to the gun cabinet....
she then went to her jacket hanging in the closet, which said to put her gloves on because she was going to have to dig in the freezer.... for a while....
then to the mailbox......
it was really cold outside...especially after freezer diving!
Then to Dad's truck...
then to the top of the china cabinet....
On top of the cabinet was a box... She then was given another memory card that had a picture of me on it holding the rest of her gift... a pair of opal earrings and a necklace.
While Mom was roaming around the house, Wes & Dad were installing Wes' new toolbox for his truck...

Luann... wondering where her present is....

Dad carving the wonderful fried turkey... yumm..

Here's our attempts at a nice family photo..... Dad keeps pinching me....

now he's mashing my pinky finger...
now on to Mom.....
Mom's not crying... dad's just pinching her.
this one's better... kind of...
we give up....

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

God Bless!!

Christmas Eve at the Todd's

Had lots of Christmas goodness this year! We went to many Christmas dinners. Luckilly, they were all spread out over a few weeks. It made for a pleasant, non-rushed holiday. Anyway, here are pics from Christmas Eve. We went to Wes' aunt Patsy's house for Christmas with the Seales.
Aunt Patsy feeding Avery.

Brooks got a machete for Christmas... He was showing it off...

Brooks, Glenda, Anna, Ashley, Will & Avery with Grandma Seale

Ashley, Will & Avery

Me & Wes with Grandma Seale

Grandma Seale with Tyler & Jana

The Seale Grandkids (minus Adam) Wes, Ashley, Jana, Anna & Tyler
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wes is SANTA Claus!!!! :)

Last night, Wes played Santa at the Quitman Upper Elementary's Christmas Bash. He was so good!!! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Watkins' Family Christmas 2009

Here's some pics from this past weekend in Nashville.
Wes & Aunt Bonnie

Michael (Ashley's Husband), Aunt Sue, and Becky and one of the twins(I can't tell them apart)
Ashley & Michael
Ashley & Aunt Bea

story time

Wes & Jonathan on the air hockey table
Sadie, Sam & Tobin

Kendy & Sadie
Tobin, Nathan, Richmond and Sam

Papaw opening his dirty Santa gift....
Uncle Clint...
Aunt Janice opening her dirty Santa gift..

Becky's "coveted" dirty Santa autographed picture of Nathan
Papaw trying on his new boxers....
Aunt Bea and Aunt Bonnie
Aunt Floy & Aunt Sue

Bonnie, Floy, Ashley and Sue

Aunt Bea, Lacey & Aunt Bonnie
I told them to do it! :)

Santa visits.

Sam has lots of questions for Santa....
Uncle Clint, Aunt Sue, Aunt Bea & Wes
Sadie the dog...
Papaw with Drew & Gage
Wes & Aunt Sue
Before we left Nashville, we went to the Opry hotel to walk around and look at the Christmas decorations. We tried to go on Saturday night, but there was 2 miles of traffic backed up on the interstate... We got there on Sunday before church let out... Much better.

We also walked over to the Opry Mills mall and did a little shopping... I saw this fancy new coke machine... It had the Blue Screen of Death!! Too bad they used Windows... Thought it was funny!