Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Watkins' Family Christmas 2009

Here's some pics from this past weekend in Nashville.
Wes & Aunt Bonnie

Michael (Ashley's Husband), Aunt Sue, and Becky and one of the twins(I can't tell them apart)
Ashley & Michael
Ashley & Aunt Bea

story time

Wes & Jonathan on the air hockey table
Sadie, Sam & Tobin

Kendy & Sadie
Tobin, Nathan, Richmond and Sam

Papaw opening his dirty Santa gift....
Uncle Clint...
Aunt Janice opening her dirty Santa gift..

Becky's "coveted" dirty Santa gift...an autographed picture of Nathan
Papaw trying on his new boxers....
Aunt Bea and Aunt Bonnie
Aunt Floy & Aunt Sue

Bonnie, Floy, Ashley and Sue

Aunt Bea, Lacey & Aunt Bonnie
I told them to do it! :)

Santa visits.

Sam has lots of questions for Santa....
Uncle Clint, Aunt Sue, Aunt Bea & Wes
Sadie the dog...
Papaw with Drew & Gage
Wes & Aunt Sue
Before we left Nashville, we went to the Opry hotel to walk around and look at the Christmas decorations. We tried to go on Saturday night, but there was 2 miles of traffic backed up on the interstate... We got there on Sunday before church let out... Much better.

We also walked over to the Opry Mills mall and did a little shopping... I saw this fancy new coke machine... It had the Blue Screen of Death!! Too bad they used Windows... Thought it was funny!

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