Sunday, July 26, 2009


Took an ice bath yesterday... It was cold. :) According to (and most veteran runners), ice baths help speed up recovery and reduce stiffness and soreness after a long run. So I decided to try it. I got 4 bags of ice and enough water to fill the tub to cover my knees. I immediately called Wes and was unable to form sentences. It was sooo cold... My entire legs felt like I was sitting in fire ants. After a few minutes, the stinging stopped and the feeling slowly left. I stayed in to 15 minutes. I didn't think I could last that long. I spent the next several hours in Wes' bathrobe, under a blanket.

Bottom line, it really helped. After my run yesterday, I was stiff and very sore. After the ice bath, I felt much better. Very little soreness. My current plan is to do this at least once a week.

Maybe we should invest in the Ice Plant....

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've seen lots of 47's recently... (I've been watching Lost season 2). Look at my monthly goal counter.... It says 47.47 miles.... LOVE IT!!! :) At least until tomorrow morning.

This week I've been experimenting with Gels. I tried Accel Gels. I'm thinking of using them in the half and full marathons. Yesterday, I went to Bonita Lakes. I used one about 30 minutes into running. It took about 15-20 minutes to kick in. And it did... It was pretty cool. I had a ton of energy and could have kept going. (I had to get back home so we could go to Quitman for the day).

Today Mom and I went to see Harry Potter. I've only seen the first two movies. Maybe a few scenes of the others. But Dad wouldn't go, so I went. It was pretty good. Good special effects. We walked around the mall for a bit before... I need a new sun visor, not that anyone cares... But we ended up looking in Hibbets and I saw an Addidas sunvisor for 20% off. I asked how much it would be and it rang up at $1.97!! They also had a Life is Good chill cap marked for $14.97. It ended up ringing up for 97 cents!!! :) Got me a deal!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this week...

On Sunday, I went down to Enterprise and Dad and I rode bikes through Enterprise and Stonewall. We had a blast... It was raining most of the time. We went around the high school, then went to Stonewall via 513 and came back on River Road. We had to stop a few times and find something to get underneath to let the hard rain pass. (S&S, the Superstop in Stonewall, the old baseball fields on River Road) It was really refreshing to ride in the rain. According to Google Pedometer, we went 13.8 miles.

So far this week, I've run 5 on Monday and 6 this morning at Bonita Lakes. Got a dentist appt. tomorrow.
This afternoon, I looked at a friends' marathon and triathlon pictures on Facebook. (She's a lot faster than me!) While I was looking at them, my stomach started rumbling and my chest got tight. I worried about this anxiety thing. The more I think about Memphis and the closer it gets to December, the worse it gets! ANY SUGGESTIONS?? I can't be this way all the time. I've decided to do a half as part of my training. There's a half marathon in Jackson on October 17.

Wes and I are leaving for vacation in three weeks. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunfish Fun!!

Dad & I volunteered this morning at the Sunfish Triathalon at Bonita Lakes! It was so much fun!!! We were kayakers watching the swimmers and helping them when they needed it. After we got out of the water we got recruited to man the sensor pad near the finish. (The runners ran over it and the announcer called their name out as they crossed the finish line. We took another boat ride around the upper lake after the race was over. Fun times!! :)

Here come the swimmers...
Bikers coming in...Runners headed out.
Transition area

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anxious again...

Not much going on this week. Wes and I are trying to decide on vacation details. He's been looking at hotels in Munich. We've reserved a spot for a tour of Salzburg, Austria. There's also a possibility of us leaving on Friday(Aug. 7) instead of Saturday. I'm going to work the morning show that Friday and if the flight times work out, we'll leave then and have an extra day in Germany. Can't wait!! When we went to Italy, there were several things we really wanted to see. (Statue of David, Vatican, St. Marks Square, etc.) There's really nothing significant that I want to see in Germany. I just want to go. So planning is a little easier because we don't have a list of things to fit in. Our plan is to fly into Frankfurt and stay in the Rhine Valley for 1 or two nights. We're going to take a boat ride down part of the river. Then we'll probably head to Rothenberg and then Munich. There are several places around Munich that make great day trips. Our plan is to visit Salzburg and Nuremburg. We'll get back on Sunday the 16Th. Monday the 17Th, I start my class at MCC. I also start my MARATHON TRAINING that day!! We'll also have to start picking pears and giving them away. No time to rest until December 6Th.
Two folks from work are thinking about running the marathon with me. One is for sure doing it and the other is still talking himself into it. John Johnson backed out because he's running to raise money for the Cancer Center in Meridian and they didn't think the "St. Jude" marathon would be a good choice. I reserved hotel rooms yesterday. I was worried the closer hotels would fill up fast. But thinking about it now, the race caps at 3500 and there's got to be thousands (more like 10,000+) of hotel rooms within a 5 or 10 mile radius of downtown. I shouldn't have been as worried as I was. I just wanted a nicer place close enough so we didn't have to drive there. I ended up with the Marriott Downtown. It's about a mile from the start.

My stomach is in knots again! Every time I start to talk about the marathon, I get that knotty feeling... Anxiety I guess. I really hope it doesn't get worse. I always get a little anxious before a race, but I can usually control it pretty well.

Went to see Papaw today. He's been upset because he only had a few long sleeve shirts. They were all at my house. He's been complaining to Mom about it and was upset because she hasn't brought him any. I told him that it was my fault and not to be mad at her. He's been giving Mom a hard time lately. He doesn't want to do anything for himself and doesn't want to be alone either. He's had sitters with him 24/7 and he's all the time worried that the sitters and nurses don't know what's going on and calls mom to complain and ask her to come 'straighten things out.' All this is stressing her out. I told Papaw today that if he needed anything and Mom was at work, to call me. I don't know if he'll actually do it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pics of Stuckey's Bridge....

Hot Watermelons!!!

EARLY this morning, Dad and I went to Jackson. I ran the Watermelon Classic 5K. It was a pretty good race. It was WAY HOT!! I'm not sure of my exact finish time. I really don't think the clock time was accurate. It said I finished at 33:22 or so. It took me about 20 seconds to get to the finish line. I only stopped running once for about a minute. I seriously don't think it took me 33 minutes to finish. We were using chips, but there was no sensor pad at the start. I've heard some people talk about how the MTC (Mississippi Track Club) organizes and scores their races. It's not positive. There not very good at accuracy. I don't know though. I'll wait till they post the official results online before I claim a finish time. It's not like I won or anything... Anyway, Dad took his fancy camera and took some pictures. We had a good time. Afterward, we went Truck shopping (dad desperately needs a new truck) and then headed back home. We had the GPS with us and We decided to take a few side roads. We drove around Enterprise for a while. We went to Stuckey's Bridge and then ended up waaay down River Road...

The finish line
The start line on Lakeland Drive

Me (#561-light blue shorts, white shirt/hat)
Full of energy here....

Not so much here...