Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this week...

On Sunday, I went down to Enterprise and Dad and I rode bikes through Enterprise and Stonewall. We had a blast... It was raining most of the time. We went around the high school, then went to Stonewall via 513 and came back on River Road. We had to stop a few times and find something to get underneath to let the hard rain pass. (S&S, the Superstop in Stonewall, the old baseball fields on River Road) It was really refreshing to ride in the rain. According to Google Pedometer, we went 13.8 miles.

So far this week, I've run 5 on Monday and 6 this morning at Bonita Lakes. Got a dentist appt. tomorrow.
This afternoon, I looked at a friends' marathon and triathlon pictures on Facebook. (She's a lot faster than me!) While I was looking at them, my stomach started rumbling and my chest got tight. I worried about this anxiety thing. The more I think about Memphis and the closer it gets to December, the worse it gets! ANY SUGGESTIONS?? I can't be this way all the time. I've decided to do a half as part of my training. There's a half marathon in Jackson on October 17.

Wes and I are leaving for vacation in three weeks. :)

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