Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've seen lots of 47's recently... (I've been watching Lost season 2). Look at my monthly goal counter.... It says 47.47 miles.... LOVE IT!!! :) At least until tomorrow morning.

This week I've been experimenting with Gels. I tried Accel Gels. I'm thinking of using them in the half and full marathons. Yesterday, I went to Bonita Lakes. I used one about 30 minutes into running. It took about 15-20 minutes to kick in. And it did... It was pretty cool. I had a ton of energy and could have kept going. (I had to get back home so we could go to Quitman for the day).

Today Mom and I went to see Harry Potter. I've only seen the first two movies. Maybe a few scenes of the others. But Dad wouldn't go, so I went. It was pretty good. Good special effects. We walked around the mall for a bit before... I need a new sun visor, not that anyone cares... But we ended up looking in Hibbets and I saw an Addidas sunvisor for 20% off. I asked how much it would be and it rang up at $1.97!! They also had a Life is Good chill cap marked for $14.97. It ended up ringing up for 97 cents!!! :) Got me a deal!

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