Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye to good television

The Memorial service for good television was held last night on ABC. Fitting that it actually ended in a "memorial service." You always feel a sense of disappointment when something great ends. How else could it end though?? Although I didn't like the fact that they were "all dead," it didn't disappoint. I cried. I love the couples reuniting. Sawyer & Juliet, the best! There are still questions that went unanswered too, but do they really matter since they are all dead? I'm sure there are hundreds of theories already floating around. I take on it is this: Yes, they are all dead. They didn't all die together. I'm thinking that they "met" at the church when they were all dead. Some died in the crash, some may have lived their lives and died naturally. The "funeral" was everyone going "into the light" together with the one(s) they loved. Obviously we know that Desmond and Penny were not on the original plane. Maybe Penny lived a long life and died in later years and joined them as her younger self. It was as if they were living in some purgatory/dream state and when the last one died, their memories changed, and they became aware of their path. Maybe they went back to 1974 so the ones still alive could "live" for 30+ years in real life. Where was Michael and Walt? Why wasn't Lepidus or Miles there? Charlotte and Daniel met again, but are they still alive? Was Ben just a tortured soul or ghost that could never find his path? Is/Was his job to lead others in the right direction? Where did Richard Alpert go?

Does any of this even matter? No....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

race results...

Had some issues at the Boy Scouts WTLB 5K last weekend so we are just now getting the results posted. They didn't give out age group awards at the race. Hopefully they'll get them sent out.... I was the 10Th female finisher (there were only 50 people participating) and 2Nd in age group as well! :)


Going to pick up Wes today. :)
This Saturday is the Magnolia Meltdown!!! Big FUN race in Jackson!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Things that happened while Wes wasn't here...

The Tivo tuner dies... twice. (I nearly missed Lost ...AGAIN!) (-this one's a bit selfish I must admit)

The outlet the microwave and fridge are plugged into decides it wants to freak out. Only one plug works. So no microwave for Evelyn.... yea.

My car has been acting up for a while. It takes a few times to crank it. The last two days, its taking up to eight times! Twice in the last week, Samaritans have asked me if I needed help. Luckily I didn't. Slightly embarrassing...most likely to be expensive.

My dad starts leaking spinal fluid! (Sounds like something my car would do, not my Dad) Not cool! He had a test done on Monday to determine where his back pain is originating and ended up in the hospital for two nights with a spinal headache. (Dad doesn't cry very often. He was crying.) He's much better now. Hopefully the docs will figure out what the deal is soon so they can fix it. He's really hurting. I have three rocks in my life... one is out of the country and one is crying in pain. That only leaves one.... I can't balance on just one. I need all three!!

So Wes, no more leaving for two weeks! I know it could have been worse and I'm glad it wasn't.

Oh yeah, and I missed you too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nike + Mini-me...

Since Wes took the netbook with him on his trip, I'm not syncing my phone so my little Nike + mini me will be neglected. It's already walking as of this post. Hopefully it won't be laying on the ground by then.... We'll see.

The Boy scouts 5K is this weekend.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Pete's Birthday is May 16 (Two weeks from this posts date)... He'll be 26. PLEASE send him a card, letter or box of goodies, or even socks and underwear! I don't care! Send him something! It would be awesome if he got dozens and dozens of mail for his birthday! I am sending him a box off this week to make sure it gets there in time. I'm also sending another with more stuff I couldn't fit in the first one...
He has a microwave. He has his own room(kind of). Here's a list of things he likes:
New Orleans Saints
Ole Miss
any sour candy (the sour-er the better!)
Bottle caps (the candy, not actual bottle caps)
weird stuff (like nasty tasting jelly belly flavors!)
boiled peanuts
sunflower seeds (including flavored ones)
small mind games (sudoku, puzzle games, stuff that cracker barrel sells, you know)
hunting/fishing magazines
he's recently started running so I'm sending him my old runnersworld mags
Sweet potato sweets (for all you Martin folks) He like the little pies i think.
itunes gift cards

I don't recommend sending anything valuable. He can't bring a whole lot of stuff back. I think most people over there mail things back that they really want to keep. He has a small laptop and uses Itunes for movies and music. (Its better than having a bunch of cd's and dvd's to carry around and really, who buys CD's anymore). Send him silly toys. Stuff he and his buddies can play with (nerf balls, silly string, barrel of monkeys--i saw them in walmart today and it brought back memories) (I sent him 10 water guns and a couple of bottles of bubbles.) The dollar stores have a lot of silly toys and candy.

We have his address. I don't want to post it in case some unwanted person reads this and takes advantage. So email me, call or comment on this post or facebook or whatever and I'll give it too ya.

PLEASE show him that you care and are thinking about him and his group! (If you can, send the whole group a big box of something!)

Been a while.....

Been busy. Not really just lazy to be honest...

Mom and I went to see Point of Grace and Mark Schultz at the temple last night. GREAT concert!! I hadn't been to the temple in years. Looks exactly the same. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. I did smell like an old drafty house. About halfway through the concert, it got real hot! I mean REAL HOT!! Anyway, enough negative.... the concert was great. I had forgotten that POG had originally started out as a group called "Say So." They sang at OHBC when I was like 7 or something... I don't know for sure. (wiki link) Point of Grace formed later with four women. Over the years, two left to be with family. Now there are three. Two are still original to the group. I've seen them three or four times in concert over the years. I've also seen Mark Schultz before too. I think it was at 15Th Avenue BC sometime in 2000 or 2001. Mark sings a song called "Letters from War." I'm sure by the name you can guess why Mom and I sobbed while he sang it.... I took a few pictures and videos with my phone... here's a picture... It's not that good because we weren't real close to the stage...
Well, Wes left yesterday for South Korea. He called me around 3pm today and said they had just landed. It was 5am there. On Monday morning that is.... He's 14 hours ahead of us. So basically he skipped Sunday completely. The airport must have had free Wi-Fi. He called using the Skype for iPhone thing. It worked pretty well. they flew from Memphis to Chicago and had 6 or 7 hours of layover there. He went into downtown Chicago for a while. (He's never been). He sent me this picture from the Sears Tower. (I've been there before when Pete graduated from Boot Camp). Last year they built these glass boxes that you can stand in and you're basically standing out over the city a hundred stories up.... Pretty cool! (nice legs too!... Wes', not the other persons....)
So anyway, I ran yesterday on the treadmill (hate it) because it's monsoon week. Plus the humidity is ridiculous. I'm not ready for it yet.

So I have this friend that I haven't talked to in a while. I have no excuse for not talking to them, its just that I'm busy with my own life and so are they. It happens. (It seems to happen a lot to me. I tend to have these selfish periods where I unknowingly ignore others and then it turns to alienation and then when I see them again, it's awkward.) This person has not had the easiest life. They've had a lot of bumps in the road. But they are remaining positive and seem to be happy with themselves now. But, in the eyes of an outsider (which I consider myself to be because I haven't been around them in years until recently), they seem to be walking down the same path that lead them to those bumps and bad choices. I know it's not my place to judge them. I don't know what they've gone through and I can't really relate to them. (This person has children). I don't know the whole situation, but I just don't think their setting a good example for their kids. I can't say anything to them. It's not my place. I just feel the need to say this in general because I care about them. I really do, even though I haven't shown it much. Please pray for this person. They seem to be happy, but I feel like the bigger picture is more important to focus on than happiness in this situation. I don't know if this person reads this, but if they do, I'm sorry, but I just think your main focus should be your influence on your children and not the other thing.