Friday, May 14, 2010

Things that happened while Wes wasn't here...

The Tivo tuner dies... twice. (I nearly missed Lost ...AGAIN!) (-this one's a bit selfish I must admit)

The outlet the microwave and fridge are plugged into decides it wants to freak out. Only one plug works. So no microwave for Evelyn.... yea.

My car has been acting up for a while. It takes a few times to crank it. The last two days, its taking up to eight times! Twice in the last week, Samaritans have asked me if I needed help. Luckily I didn't. Slightly embarrassing...most likely to be expensive.

My dad starts leaking spinal fluid! (Sounds like something my car would do, not my Dad) Not cool! He had a test done on Monday to determine where his back pain is originating and ended up in the hospital for two nights with a spinal headache. (Dad doesn't cry very often. He was crying.) He's much better now. Hopefully the docs will figure out what the deal is soon so they can fix it. He's really hurting. I have three rocks in my life... one is out of the country and one is crying in pain. That only leaves one.... I can't balance on just one. I need all three!!

So Wes, no more leaving for two weeks! I know it could have been worse and I'm glad it wasn't.

Oh yeah, and I missed you too.

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