Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye to good television

The Memorial service for good television was held last night on ABC. Fitting that it actually ended in a "memorial service." You always feel a sense of disappointment when something great ends. How else could it end though?? Although I didn't like the fact that they were "all dead," it didn't disappoint. I cried. I love the couples reuniting. Sawyer & Juliet, the best! There are still questions that went unanswered too, but do they really matter since they are all dead? I'm sure there are hundreds of theories already floating around. I take on it is this: Yes, they are all dead. They didn't all die together. I'm thinking that they "met" at the church when they were all dead. Some died in the crash, some may have lived their lives and died naturally. The "funeral" was everyone going "into the light" together with the one(s) they loved. Obviously we know that Desmond and Penny were not on the original plane. Maybe Penny lived a long life and died in later years and joined them as her younger self. It was as if they were living in some purgatory/dream state and when the last one died, their memories changed, and they became aware of their path. Maybe they went back to 1974 so the ones still alive could "live" for 30+ years in real life. Where was Michael and Walt? Why wasn't Lepidus or Miles there? Charlotte and Daniel met again, but are they still alive? Was Ben just a tortured soul or ghost that could never find his path? Is/Was his job to lead others in the right direction? Where did Richard Alpert go?

Does any of this even matter? No....

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