Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pictures from State Games Cross Country 5K....

HOT! But fun.... This was my first Cross Country race. It was harder than I thought. There weren't many hills. Actually there were only two. It was a small race too. Only about 30 runners. You would think there would be more high school track teams participating. I think the State Games is going down hill a bit. Last year's 5K road race had about 50 or so runners and only 8 walkers. That race is June 19th. Hopefully it won't be as hot.... Doubt it. Anyway, I was pretty happy with myself. My time was 33:45. Not great compared to my other 5K's, but when you factor in the cross country aspect, the heat, and the fact that halfway through, i thought I got stung by a yellow jacket, it's pretty good. There were only 8 or 9 girls too. I was 6th or 7th. But I was 2nd in my age group so I ended up with a silver medal. The age groups were 10 year spans too. (20-29) Pretty cool I think. Hopefully I'll do well in the road race... The road race is at Bonita. Last year, part of the race included the lower lake loop. For the past 10 months, the lower lake loop is impassable because they are working on the dam. It most likely won't be ready to run on til this fall! (It was supposed to be done by May I think!) Anyway, we're not sure how the course is laid out this year.... Anyway, here's some pictures from the XC race...
(okatibee Reservoir)
the start

(There were only three people behind me. I was trying to keep it that way!)

Hill #2
Tim finished 3rd and came back to help me finish. About 3/4 of a mile left.
There were no water stations... I did not know this. Apparently this it normal for XC courses.
Bonita Running Club: LtoR - gray shirt guy, Me, Pauline, Manuel, Tim, (can remember his name), Jim (in blue) and Glen (overall winner)

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