Sunday, June 20, 2010

my last 20-something 5K....

Saturday was the State Games 5K road race at Bonita. I was super hot! (Sunday and Monday's high was 99!!) I wasn't real nervous, but I wanted to do well since it was my last one in the 20 something age groups... I ended up in 3rd, which was fine. It's just too hot this summer. There's no point trying for a PR in the heat. My PR's in the 5K and 10K were both in February. Before that, my PR was set in December. Anyway, here's pictures from Saturday morning...

Starting line.

already sweating

Nick interviewing the guy who shoots the start pistol. He's been helping with the state games since it started.

water please?
Wheelchair participant with his Dad behind him. He was in the Strawberry 5K last weekend too.

finally finished!

Me, Laurie Shirley and Mike Tvarkunas, fellow BRC members
Me & David Shirley at the finish (BRC running buddy)
BRC members......

Award ceremony.... I got 3rd in my age group. The two people handing out medals are Olympic medalists! I cant remember their names. The man held the long jump world record for 25+ years and has gold, silver and bronze from the '68 and '72 games. The lady was a sprinter and has gold, silver, and bronze medals from '68, '72, and '76.

Mike got 3rd in his age as well.

David got 1st in his agr group!

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