Monday, June 7, 2010

My L5 hates me.

Sorry I haven't updated this much recently. I've been kinda blah... I think it's a combination of: turning 30, back pain, bills, and the beginning of a really hot summer. I'm hoping and praying that this back thing doesn't hinder me from marathon training. It's a little worrisome. I can run without pain, but that's about it. Sitting here hurts. It started really hurting again last week. It was much worse yesterday and this morning because on Saturday after the State Games XC race, Wes and I cut the grass and weed-eated and weeded the flower beds and all that. I should not have this much pain after doing that. I should be a little sore, but not unable to sit up straight. After church yesterday, we came home and I only left the living room twice, once to pee and once to find dinner. Well, three times... once to go to bed. I thought doing nothing would help. It's better, but not tolerable. Getting old sucks!
My insurance is terrible too. The doc wants me to go to physical therapy. I tried to, but I learn that Riley's isn't considered an in-network provider... But then I learn that the closest in-network provider is LIVINGSTON, ALABAMA!!!! 40 miles away!!! Sad. This is what private insurance is coming too. (Anybody who thinks health care reform is a bad idea, come talk to me!) There are three hospitals in this town. There are probably a dozen physical therapists in this town as well. I can't go to any of them. Ridiculous! Even the in-network PT is gonna cost me an arm and a leg! Doc wants me to go three times a week for 6 weeks. (not to mention the gas to get to Livingston as well). Co-pays are $40 a visit! Add that up.... $40x3 times a week = $120 per week... $120x6 weeks = $720!!!! (I won't even mention the cost to go to an out-of-network PT) My car is in the shop. Wes just paid over two hundred dollars for ONE book for school! We just paid $$$$money for the MRI, doc visits and other tests for my back.... My plan is to go once or twice and just do the PT on my own at the gym or at home. It's the only way it'll work. And PT is not guaranteed to help me feel better either.

All this is adding to my depressive state. So I apologize in advance if I'm not my usual chipper/slightly pessimistic self. I hope to be out of it by my birthday. In case people are wondering, I do know about my birthday get-together at Mom's house... I've been told that lots of folks will be there. YEAH!!! Can't wait to see my Mobile cousins again! Also can't wait to see Becky, Laura and the babies too! Only wish Pete could be there. That's okay though. So if you're not sure about coming, please come! It'll make me feel better! Don't bring me a gift either. (I only have three things on my list anyway!) Instead, go to this site................ More on that soon....

This weekend is the Strawberry Run 5K in Marion. I've learned that it's going to be a pretty small race... Seems that is the only way I can place... That's okay. This one and the State Games road race are the last two 5K's I'll do in my 20's...

Bring it on!!

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