Sunday, May 2, 2010


Pete's Birthday is May 16 (Two weeks from this posts date)... He'll be 26. PLEASE send him a card, letter or box of goodies, or even socks and underwear! I don't care! Send him something! It would be awesome if he got dozens and dozens of mail for his birthday! I am sending him a box off this week to make sure it gets there in time. I'm also sending another with more stuff I couldn't fit in the first one...
He has a microwave. He has his own room(kind of). Here's a list of things he likes:
New Orleans Saints
Ole Miss
any sour candy (the sour-er the better!)
Bottle caps (the candy, not actual bottle caps)
weird stuff (like nasty tasting jelly belly flavors!)
boiled peanuts
sunflower seeds (including flavored ones)
small mind games (sudoku, puzzle games, stuff that cracker barrel sells, you know)
hunting/fishing magazines
he's recently started running so I'm sending him my old runnersworld mags
Sweet potato sweets (for all you Martin folks) He like the little pies i think.
itunes gift cards

I don't recommend sending anything valuable. He can't bring a whole lot of stuff back. I think most people over there mail things back that they really want to keep. He has a small laptop and uses Itunes for movies and music. (Its better than having a bunch of cd's and dvd's to carry around and really, who buys CD's anymore). Send him silly toys. Stuff he and his buddies can play with (nerf balls, silly string, barrel of monkeys--i saw them in walmart today and it brought back memories) (I sent him 10 water guns and a couple of bottles of bubbles.) The dollar stores have a lot of silly toys and candy.

We have his address. I don't want to post it in case some unwanted person reads this and takes advantage. So email me, call or comment on this post or facebook or whatever and I'll give it too ya.

PLEASE show him that you care and are thinking about him and his group! (If you can, send the whole group a big box of something!)

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