Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random thoughts from my tired mind.

I finished Alias yesterday. It was kind of sad. Now I have nothing to watch while I'm home by myself... Maybe I'll start Lost when Mom gets done with it... I also watch Fried Green Tomatoes yesterday. GREAT MOVIE! I can almost quote it completely. My favorite scene is the food fight scene. My DVD is the extended version and includes the deleted scenes. It also has a documentary on making the movie. It was filmed in Juliet, GA, a no red light "town" with about 25 people. I plan on getting the book soon. There's also a cookbook.

Wes starts his new job this week. Did I mention that before? I can't remember. He got a job at the airport here in town. (Yeah, the one with only two flights to Atlanta each day - closed on holidays...) He's going to be working at the place where planes get serviced and gased up, called the FBO, I think. All the planes that come in use this service. All the privately owned planes (the doctors), the ASA planes (Delta), and the Air Force pilot training planes from Columbus, to name a few. That's about all I know. Wes is looking forward to it. He starts on Thursday. He quit the TV station yesterday. Yesterday, we gave Phoebe a bath and then planted an Apple tree in the yard. I also planted some seeds and flower bulbs in the planter along the carport. (I don't know what you call it.) Today he took apart the bathroom, recaulked the tub and is attempting to replace the faucets. This house is old and it's giving him fits. We've been to Lowe's twice in as many days, and we have to go back tomorrow...

I've been thinking lately about a new career... I've been in TV for over 8 years. I'm kind of sick of it. (As if that isn't obvious) I don't know if it's related to the recent poorly chosen career move that I made. Possibly. But in general, I'm ready for a change. I told myself for years that I wanted to go back to school. I've considered finishing my bachelor's in Broadcasting, but I have NO desire to do that anymore. I want a regular job, but not a desk job. I have been toying with a few options. Here they are:

x-Ray Technician
Court Reporter

Totally different, I know. Based on the current economy, the medical field is pretty much the only stable field out there. I have no desire to become a nurse (never have). I don't want to deal with respiratory therapy (I've seen enough with Papaw). Physical therapy is more schooling than I'm willing to commit to. I've figured out that x-ray is the farthest thing from the blood and gore I can get. I really liked Biology class (although I liked the plant section more than anatomy, but learning how the body works was cool). The program at MCC would be tough because I'd have to be a fulltime student and do clinicals all summer. I wouldn't be able to work full-time if at all, so I'll have to wait till Wes gets out. The only pre-requisite/core classes I don't have yet are A&P 1&2. I can go ahead and take them in the fall & spring of next year and be ready to start the program in August '10, providing Wes will be done or almost done and I can maintain a job for at least that first semester.... (It's too late to get in for this fall.) There are so many ifs..... Mom's going to see if I can shadow someone at the hospital soon. Maybe that will help me decide. A&P would be interesting and even if I don't do radiology, they may come in handy for something else.

I've always enjoyed typing and writing. Court reporters make great money and there's specific school programs for this, some even online. Problem is, this is a small town and the demand around here is non-existent. I'd still think it be fun though. That'd be a job with normal hours, for sure. Con: Desk job.

Landscaper. I like to cut things down in the yard. It's fun. I love my new pair of clippers! (Just ask the Azalea bushes in the back yard, or what's left of them). I like plants and being outside in the yard. (Not big on cutting grass although weedeating is fun. Don't like the idea of being sweaty hot all the time, but maybe I can get over that) I have a friend in the business here. I may call him up one day and talk to him about it. He owns his own business and has done quite well, I'm told.

The church is starting a CO-ED SOFTBALL TEAM!!! ! YEAH!!!! I signed up on Sunday.

Gotta go. Going running in the AM. It's been raining for 4 days!


yanasina said...

Have you looked at medical records? X ray techs make more but med rec does not require as much physical stress.


yanasina said...

Oops, doesn't look like MCC offers the degree anymore. I remember it from the dark ages.