Friday, May 9, 2008


Went to the doctor today. Not being able to taste, smell and having limited hearing kind of got to me! Apparently I have some type of infection. I have fluid behind my ears, causing my senses to go out. Not smelling is somewhat unnoticeable, but I've tested it. Garlic Salt, cheese, stinky fish food, old spaghetti sauce, the litter box..... nothing. It's odd, but kind of nice. I sniffed Pheobe's litter box (before I cleaned it) and I smelled nothing! Not tasting anything is bothering me though. I feel like I'm wasting food. I can't enjoy it. Wes made me breakfast Thursday morning. He said it was good. We had pizza last night. Nothing. So I'm basically forcing myself to eat because I have to to stay alive. I might as well chew on multi-vitamins until it comes back. Maybe we'll save money! While waiting on the pharmacy to fill my drugs, I thought, "Hey I'll go get me a Quiznos! Wait, I can't taste it!!"
My hearing is the most annoying thing. I feel like I'm in a glass phone booth and everything and everyone else is outside. I'm struggling to listen through the glass. They pop often as well. I'm constantly swallowing to try to clear them out like I'm on an airplane that's climbing and climbing and never equals out. (Chewing gum doesn't work either). It really bothers me at night when I'm trying to sleep. Anyway, hopefully the meds will get rid of all this. Then I'll take Wes out to Gilligan's and have a feast!!

Tomorrow, (health pending) I'm going to Brandon's (producer) birthday pool party. There aren't any softball games this weekend because it's Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see my Mumm. So...


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