Friday, May 30, 2008

Clever Title Here.... Random Pics From This Week

This pic is from last Sunday when I walked the bridge. I thought all the wake lines from the boats looked cool...

Wes & I got steaks to "grill" on Thursday. Notice our teeny tiny grill! It's the perfect size for two and works great! Cheap too!! The steaks were Delicious!!!!!! There was a cool dragonfly flying around while we were out there.

This afternoon Pete, Kelly and I went to Frankie's and played Putt-Putt. I took the camera along as always.....

I also made some REALLY GOOD cookies today too. They are white chocolate/macadamia nut but made with peanut butter cookies. EXCELLENT!!!!

I have to work for a few hours tomorrow morning. The children's hospital telethon starts at 8am. I have to work from 7-11am.

LOST is officially over this season. Last nights episode was excellent! A LOT of questions were answered. New ones were raised, of course, but now I can ponder the new ones instead of racking my brain trying to figure out answers to old ones. Season 4 is already on Amazon for pre-order. It comes out on December 8th.

**Please pray for Wes and I this weekend and next week. We have a pretty big decision to make. **

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Beth said...

Don't know exactly what I'm praying for but I'm on it!! Praying that God will give you wisdom to make the best decision and that His hand will guide you in your decision!!!