Friday, March 21, 2008

5 litter boxes

Okay, I know that sounds like we have 25 cats. We only have 1, I promise. When we got Phoebe, we bought a large litter box. When we moved to Charleston, the only good place for it is in the half bath, in which it doesn't fit. So we got another triangular shaped one that fit better and had a door to help keep the smell down. A while back, we found one at Petsmart that we liked better. It's shaped like a rectangular Rubbermaid bin, but with a grid top (to eliminate tracking litter) with a hole in it. We ordered it online and it arrived today. But here's the deal. They sent us THREE! Three brand new litter boxes for the price of one! This has happened to me before. Once I ordered a camo life jacket for Pete's birthday, and they sent me two.

I just watched Jericho from this week (great show). After the "nuts" deal last season, I was expecting this to be the last season. The promo for next weeks show says its the "season finale," not the "series finale." That tells me they may be continuing the show next season. Yeah! I've also been watching Eli Stone. I like it. It's growing on me.

Lost was great this week!! It's not returning for a month. Darn writer's strike. For you Losties', go back to last week's episodes and look at the dates on the tombstone. Makes you think.....

Happy Easter, everyone.

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