Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Please keep my Papaw in your thoughts and prayers. He is in the hospital and is doing okay, but I am worried. This is the prime example of why I am so homesick. I want to go home so bad right now! Mom says he'll be fine. He's not sleeping good through the night and wakes up confused because of lack of oxygen. But I'm still worried.

Not much is going on this week. Just down in the dumps. We start softball on Sunday. I haven't talked to Pete or Kelly in several days because Pete is working and Kelly keeps loosing her phone. I've been going to the gym the last few days because it's been too cold to run the bridge. I will probably go back to the bridge on Friday. It's supposed to be 80. The Bridge Run is a week and a half away (April 5). I'm looking foward to it. I don't have a goal time, I just want to beat last years time. The race passes Wes' station around mile 2, just before the bridge. I'm going to stop there because Wes will be out there with the camera. I'm wearing my watch so I can time myself. I am parking my car downtown and then he's taking me to the start line, before he goes to work. They close the bridge down for most of the day and it's difficult to go back if you parked in Mt. Pleasant. There are busses and ferrys, but there's also 50,000 people on foot. I'd rather be prepared. Last year we parked near the aquarium and that worked pretty well.

That's about it. Hopefully I'll be more chipper soon... I'm making myself sad now....

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