Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best & Worst Shows on Television


EDIT------- Entertainment News shows like Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, Insider, Entertainment Tonight. Talk about CREATING DRAMA!!!

Pretty much everything on MTV & VH1- Why do we care what teenagers are doing in their spare time? Why do we care about rich teenagers 16Th birthday parties? Why do we care about how big celebrities houses are and how many cars they have? Why do we care about a random group of people living in a house together? Is it because it makes us feel better about our normal lives? No. Stop watching people!!! If you keep watching, they'll make more and more of these ridiculous shows!! It's called Created Drama!! At the end of the show, are you entertained? Or are you mad at some character who cheated or lied or whatever? Does it really matter to you what they do? It shouldn't.

Conveyor Belt of Love & The Bachelor/Bachelorette- The lowest of the low. I really don't like dating shows. If any reality show it fake, it's dating shows. Although sometimes its fun to watch how naive people can be and how far people will go to be famous. But really. Do you really think that "true love" can be found on a show like this? Really? Common Sense, people.

Eastwick - Just plain dumb.

ALL celebrity reality shows-refer to the statement for VH1/MTV... Who cares about Paula Abdul's issues... How is this entertaining? Why do people think watching the Playboy girls is entertaining? Why are these people even considered celebrities? And what's the deal with this show called Million dollar real estate or something? Why is this even a show? Personally, I don't care about Hulk Hogan's daughter, Paris Hilton's best friends, who dates some weird guy named Flavor flave, Rayj, or Brett whatshisface, or what Lindsey Lohans parents are doing, or ..........

CSI: Miami- (Sorry Mom, it's just terrible!) I love crime dramas. They are entertaining. But this one is so bad, there's a group on facebook called "CSI: Miami haters," and another one called "Horatio Caine Haters," both of which I am a member of. I understand the concept of theatrical lighting. I think it can make or break a show/movie/play etc. But when you overdo it by having the orange and red sunshine come in all four sides of a building and have everyone look like they take daily baths in spray tan, you've gone a little overboard. I've never been to Miami, but I pretty sure there's only one sun and one moon and the same amount of daylight, just like everywhere else. Top that off with two of the most over dramatic, ridiculously naive and stupid actors I've ever seen! 1. David Caruso. Worst Actor on Television! Apparently his neck is broken and he's blind. Also, he can only speak in cliche's. 2. That black lady who plays the medical examiner. She's so ridiculous!! She talks to the dead bodies and acts so UGH!! It's like she's lived a sheltered life until now and all of a sudden, she's in the murder capital and "doesn't understand why someone would do such a thing." It's your job to see this everyday! You should be immune to it by now!! I just want to slap some modern sense into her! I get mad watching that show. It's a waste of time. I'd rather watch paint dry.

that Trailer remodeling show on CMT - First of all, it's a show about remodeling trailers. (Enough said, right?) Second, 30 seconds of the hosts voice is enough to make any southerner cringe. He fits the stereotype of dumb redneck all to well.

(personal dislike) - singing contest shows - Okay, I have to admit, I watched the first few seasons of American Idol. It was entertaining to watch people who thought they were the best singers ever make a fool of themselves. Now, every news and cable network has their own version and people are going on these shows with the intention of making a fool of themselves. It's not funny anymore. It's just sad.

(another personal dislike) - Craig Ferguson - I can't stand his voice and I don't think he's funny at all!


Okay, Alias will forever be the best show on television. It was cancelled years ago and to be honest, I'm glad. Dragging out a show like that for more the 5 or 6 seasons kills the storyline and turns it into mush. Shows like this should be short lived. I think it makes them even better. Another example is:

Lost - Now this is entertaining. (And yes, I know it's not real!) You take a real fear and create magic with it! Every one's afraid of being in a plane crash. Throw in a little "Lord of the Flies," and a few magical themes and you've got a great show. A show that makes you yearn for the next episode is a great show. At the end of last season, I thought I cannot wait 9 months to know what happens next! A show that has so many themes and mysteries that you have to watch it several times and each time you learn something else you didn't know... that's a great show. I'll hate to see it go off this season too, but I'm sure my curiosities will be satisfied by the end. (At least I hope they will be!)

Fringe - wicked cool! This show takes CSI a step further... into weirdness. I love it!!

CSI - enough said. Although I don't watch that much now that Grissom left. Another reason is because we have an old Tivo and another show of more importance comes on at the same time. (We're getting a new Tivo this week) CSI has become one of those shows that is on pretty much all the time on one station or another. Just flip the channels and you'll find it somewhere... Everyone airs it's syndicated version. It's always entertaining.

CSI: NY - same as CSI. Great show. Love Gary Sinese... He's an all around great actor (voice of the Marine commercials) And I should mention that neither CSI nor CSI:NY have over dramatic lighting or actors... (In CSI:NY, they use a lot of blue lighting filters, but it looks much more realistic than Miami.)

Criminal Minds - Excellent Crime Drama.

Intervention - Good real life show. Although I wish they would do a little more after the intervention at the end of the show. They should spend more time on the addicts after they've been through rehab. They occasionally have a "where are they now" show, which covers that, but sometimes, all you see is them still in rehab or just out. It would be interesting to see how they are doing one year later or something like that.

Amazing Race - The best reality contest show on TV. This show tests speed, compatibility and will. (Survivor does not.) The contestants actually have to work hard to stay in the game. It's not a popularity contest. And they get to see the world too.

Dirty Jobs - I just love Mike Rowe. He's so funny. I like to see the everyday Joe who gets dirty and works hard for a living. Mike makes that guy look like a genius by "trying" to do these everyday jobs.

On the Fence about:

Private Practice - I really like this show, but the problem I have with it is that the characters should be suicidal by now with all the drama and tragedies that goes on in their lives... sleeping with each other, sleeping with each others' parents (WT??), everybody have brain tumors, someones baby gets cut out of their belly (again, WT??), etc. Its just way to unrealistic for me.

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Juliet said...

Love this! You and I have similar taste in television :-)

I'm on a kick right now (I guess because of the popularity right now) about how much I dislike the dating shows... ugh! They are awful and I think they are only getting worse season to season. I say "think" b/c I don't actually watch, but the commercials are just terrible.

So, I give this post a thumbs up :)