Thursday, November 11, 2010

New York! New York! Day 2

So our intentions on Friday were to turn in early and wake up early Saturday, but it didn’t happen. We didn’t get to bed till 1am. So we ended up sleeping till 10:30 and didn’t get out of the hotel till near lunchtime. We ventured out for lunch and ended up eating at roadside carts. I had nuts and Wes had a hot dog. After eating, we decided to go to Rockefeller Center. Radio City music hall is nearby, as is St. Patrick’s church, which with our luck, was under renovation (EVERY big cathedral, castle and historical building we've visited has been under renovation while we are there. Never fails!)

Where the Christmas Tree Goes.

While we were there, they cleared the ice rink and the "Zamboni" came out to smooth the ice. It's not a real Zamboni.
Rockefeller Plaza. Mom and I are going to the top next month..
The Atlas statueSt. Patricks' Cathedral with its restoration scaffolding around it.

We were both pretty tired still and our feet were hurting, so we headed back to the hotel and sat around for a few hours. Tyler (Wes’ cousin)was at West Point for a football game. He and a friend came into town later that night and we met up with them at Grand Central Station.

Deserted train platform...

Here comes a train...
And the mob.....

Tyler and his friend wanted to see a show, so we walked with them back to Times Square for tickets, then we headed back towards the hotel and found another hole-in-the-wall diner for dinner/pre marathon carb-loading food. We found the Olympic Diner. We both got Spaghetti (wes had meatballs, I had meat sauce). It was wonderful! Very tasty as you can tell! After we ate, we took the subway (kinda got lost) back to the hotel and crashed. Had to get up early to catch the ferry to Fort Wadsworth. My ferry time was 8:15, but according to the website, that was the last ferry departure, so I wanted to make sure I got there in time….. (Turned out, they weren’t checking your time. I could have gotten there at 5am and got on.) yummmmmm!!
more random pics..... the subway was fascinating to me...

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