Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 4 of 5...

This Saturday's race (however small) will be the 4Th race in 4 weeks... With one more to go... 5 races in 5 weeks. I've never done that before. Maybe there's a reason.
I think my IT band knows the reason.
The Bridge Run was Race #1 of 5, setting a 10K PR and getting under an hour for the 1st time. YEAH!! Then came the Anderson Cup, which I did okay on, placing 4th in my age group. (That hill at the end sucks!). Last Saturday I ran the Lamar 10K, improving my 10K time by 2 1/2 minutes! (55:40) I ran 12 miles on the trails Sunday without much pain. Monday my IT was pretty sore and Tuesday when I tried to run with DeeDee, but it was hurting really bad. Tim made me a homemade foam roller and I've been doing some new stretches. Today I ran an easy 4 with Mindy and it felt stiff but no pain. So we'll hope for a good pain-free race this weekend (Camp Eagle Ridge 5K at Okatibbee) and take it easy next week for the Renaissance Half Marathon in Ridgeland on April 30Th.... Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky, set a new PR, and win a new Honda! :)

Last week, Pete ran the Krispy Kreme 5K . The company hosts these races all over the place. You run to the turnaround point, eat 1 DOZEN donuts (!!!), and then run back! Pete came in the top 10! WOW! I'm more proud of him for not vomiting!

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