Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-day everyone!!

Wes & I had a good day. Slept late. I got him a few training sessions with the trainer at the gym. (Hint Hint) He got me some tulips and a message and facial at a local spa... :)
We also went walking today... "WE." We both walked to the cemetery and back. It was a bit chilly, but nice. Wes learned more about our neighborhood. (There's a house down the street that still has Christmas decorations in the yard.) You observe alot more when you're on foot than you would speeding past in a car.
Yesterday (Friday the 13th!), I went running downtown. Parts of the sidewalk is made of brick. Most of the sidewalk is uneven, broken or just plain horrible. The brick part is especially bad because I have nearly tripped over the uneven bricks several times. Yesterday, I nearly fell on my face! I think I twisted my ankle a little bit. Actually both ankles. They're both a little sore right now.

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Adam's Library said...

Alot of the houses up here still have Christmas decorations on them, and a few still even turn them on. One house didnt take them down until June last year. I don't get it - I feel bad if they are still up after the New Year.