Saturday, May 9, 2009

Went running this morning...

I did 7 miles. It was HOT!!! My knee hurts too.... Don't know what that's about. I haven't ran since Monday because it's been sooo darn hot and humid!

Pretty uneventful week. Boredom at work. Wes finished his semester this week. (All A's might I add!) Summer term start May 26th. Today we went to the co-op and got a waterlily for the fish tank. We've been wanting something to put in there for a while. No where around here sells water lilies much. If it works out, we might get another one, slowly replacing all the ugly fake plants. Later Ken & Deb brought Papaw by the house for a quick visit. His breathing is terrible. Please pray for him.

Surprising Mom tomorrow.... Can't tell yet.

Today we've been watching Ace of Cakes... Tonight's new episode is when they go to Hawaii and make LOST's 100th episode cake.... Next week is the season finale.

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