Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Someone's got a dirty job....

Mike Rowe is so funny!!! I'm currently watching the new Dirty Jobs episode. Not much going on this week. Well, not yet. This weekend is going to be busy... Saturday morning is the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. After that I have to come home and get ready to go to Wes' parents house for a lunch cook-out. Then after that we have to head back to Meridian for my 10 year reunion! I've been talking to Amber a lot this week. Catching up on old times... I'm beginning to feel better about this reunion. I hope things go well and everyone can "reunite" and I can gain some new "old" friends.

Pete is suffering this week from a kidney stone. He had the surgery today where they zap it into little pieces and take it out. But the stone was so big that it damaged his uterer when they pulled the pieces out. They put a stent in and he'll be in pain until they take it out. Please pray for him & Kelly.

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