Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm still here...Not much going on... Pete was in town today. We went to see papaw and ate lunch. He's headed to Texas to hunt with his in-laws. He'll be back here in next week. I think every one's planning on going to the EHS game on Oct. 23rd and we're in the process of plan something on Saturday, the 24th.

Running's going good. This week has been hard. I tried a new pair of shoes. That didn't work out. Saucony's may be great for my male running partners, but the women's shoes are terrible! At least for me. I'll stick with Nike. Running the trails at Bonita tomorrow and Saturday, we're running 17. Getting a little more nervous the higher the number gets. But the nerves haven't gotten to the point of anxiety in a while. Two months ago, I couldn't look at the website or my training schedule without needing a deep breath. The half-marathon helped a lot. Now I'm hoping I won't get sick and am trying to find more and more ways to prevent a cold or flu. Any suggestions??

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