Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I've spent WAY to much time this month in doctor's offices! I'm tired of it! With all this pharmacy screw-up stuff and my back hurting, I'm ready to get back to my normal boring life. I had an appointment for my back yesterday. It was supposed to be a followup to the first appointment (which resulted in the pharmacy error.) My back has been hurting for about two months now, on the lower right side. It hurts most when I sit, which is ironic to me. I can stand, walk and even run without pain. After sitting for a half hour or more, it's very irritating, almost unbearable. For the past two weeks, my right foot will go numb while running. On Tuesday morning during our group run, it was so numb, I was unable to feel where I stepped and I felt like I was dragging a sandbag. I was afraid I would twist it or step on something. (The trail surface changes a lot with rain causing ruts and rocks, limbs and pine cones everywhere. We run in the dark too, and use flashlights until the sun comes up.) I ended up having to stop and walk several times. When I told the doctor this, he said that he's going to forgo the x-ray and do an MRI instead. He said it's most likely (hopefully) a pinched nerve that's causing this. Let's pray that it's nothing more than that. He said depending on the outcome of the MRI, the plan is A) physical therapy or B) sending me to a surgeon. I don't like this at all..... He gave me some different pain medicine this time (Which is wonderful by the way!). I also used the other pharmacy (same company, different location).

Today is Mom & Dad's 32ND Anniversary! :) YEAH parents! They are great! My parents. They are so happy together and are an inspiration to me. 32 years together means that I'll be 30 this year.... AAAAAAHAHAHHAHA!!! :) I'm not ready to be 30. It just sounds weird. Wes will be 32. This aging thing is not cool....

Pete, if you're reading this, I sent your package off on Monday. It's full of junk that will rot your teeth and a few things that won't. There's also a MS flag in there too. Mom said you would really like some toilet paper. I heard the story about the Afghani people's bathroom habits.... There WILL be toilet paper in your next box. Mom said Kelly's sent you some too. Can't have too much toilet paper. That's my opinion anyway. PLEASE don't pick up their bathroom habits!

So, I've got lots of races planned for this summer (pending what the deal is with my back). I've registered for two in April and the Natchez Trace Century Ride as well. Wes and I are doing the the 25 mile leg. There's three races in May I'm thinking about and possibly one the first week of June. That'll be four in a row. I doubt I'll do all four. We'll see. I haven't looked past June yet. There's a few that are already posted.

Wes & I are going to see Conan O'Brien in Atlanta in June. He'll be at the Fox Theater. It's the last stop of his "Legally prohibited from being funny on television" tour. Can't wait!! :)

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