Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'M IN!!!!!!!!!

Somehow, the running angels looked down on this slow, sometimes lazy, almost 30 year old redneck; smiled and said, sure, she can come to the biggest city in the US and run one of the biggest marathons in the world... Wow. This just happened. And on my first try too.

Last night when I came home from work, Wes told me that he checked the bank and there was a charge from the marathon on our account. I knew that they were drawing the lottery today. But when he said they charged our account, my heart fluttered.... I went online and tried to log in to the site, but it was closed until 12:30 today for the announcement. I looked at the facebook fan site. Lots of people were saying their credit cards were charged too. But some were also saying they don't have any charges. I didn't want to get excited yet because it wasn't announced yet. Sure enough, this morning around 12:30, I log on and it says "Accepted." :)


We've booked a hotel already. There's over 700 hotels in the area.... Now I just have to train for it.... That's the hardest part.... But the funnest too!!!!! :)

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