Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sloshy Anderson Cup.

Today's Anderson Cup was fun! It started about a half hour late because it was pouring rain and thundering. We warmed up by jogging through the parking garage. The race started real quick. I guess they wanted to fit it in between rain showers. Didn't work though. It started sprinkling as soon as we started and then started coming down pretty good when I was near mile 1. There was even some lightning and thunder too. Some of us runners got a little nervous... It was fun though. I finished at 28:27 and surprisingly got 3rd in my age group too! I wasn't expecting that at all. (I also got a door prize). Tim won the Masters. Thomas ran with us too. It was his first race. He trained with us for the marathon last year, but had a bad knee injury and had to quit. Here's some pics...

Thomas, Tim, Me and Tom Mattimore before the race.

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