Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Changed my running log up a little bit. Trying to make it look a little better. I've been neglecting this blog over the last month. I'm pretty sure I'll be continuing that. It happens. As technology changes, popularity changes also. Blogger needs to update it's photo uploading. It's pretty irritating to have to load 5 pictures at a time and then rearrange them because they are all out of order. It also adds a line of empty space for every picture loaded (For example: the 15th picture I load also loads 15 lines in between, etc... The 40th picture also loads 40 empty lines.) It takes more time to delete lines and format than it does to type or just give up and load them on facebook.
Anyway, not much going on right now. Our second trip to NY was awesome! We took lots of pictures (stupid blogger). Most of them are on Facebook. Mom loved it! She was bug-eyed the whole trip. I think she was nervous the first night when we walked around at midnight. Wes flew up and stayed with us the last two nights. He went to the Statue of Liberty while I was running the marathon, so on the Saturday that we were there, he slept in and Mom & I went together. We got to see the Rockettes, Wicked, and spent nearly every night at the Rockefeller tree. The Waldorf hotel was amazing! And the limo tour was great! I totally recommend it! Had the Best pizza in the world at John's Pizzeria at Times Square! Here's a picture of us at the tree.

Wes graduated from MSU last month! YEAH!!! Now we're job hunting. Anyone have any ideas or leads?? He has a degree in Business Administration/Accounting. He's pretty much willing to do anything and go anywhere. We're hoping he has something within two months. That'd be nice. Here's a picture from Graduation.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! We sure did. We enjoyed spending time with family and friends all over Mississippi.
On January 21st, I will be donating bone marrow to a stranger. (Refer to previous post) I have to go to Jackson. The Donor Registry will put us up in a hotel and buy our meal the night before.

Please pray that all goes well for Wes' job hunt and whatever comes with it.

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