Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom's Day with a Twist

This Sunday is Mommy's Day. I love Mommy's day! It's always fun to surprise Mom with something unique and fun. These last few years have been kinda tough because Mom has everything. She doesn't need anything. A few years ago, I took her to the movies to see the new Star Trek. This year we are going to a painting class. Painting with a Twist has chosen a hummingbird painting for its Mother's Day class. I suggested it actually! Last month, I emailed the local studio and asked about their schedule for May. They responded by asking for suggestions. I said my Mom loves Hummingbirds. When the May schedule came out, I was elated! The perfect Mother's Day! I haven't been to Painting with a Twist yet. A friend invited me to a private party a while back. I wasn't able to go because of work (wish work wasn't always getting in the way!). So it'll be a first for both of us. I'm getting excited about it actually. I'm not much of an artist. But I think I can pull this off. :) We'll see how it turns out. I'm looking forward to spending time with Mom though.

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yanasina said...

This looks so cool. Be sure to post your pictures once you get them done.