Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I slept through it all... Had I stayed up to watch the ball drop, it would have been the first time I would see it drop at midnight, and not at 11pm, since we are in the eastern time zone now. Wes has been sick since Friday or so. He called in sick yesterday because he felt awful. Sinus pressure, ears stopped up, a little bit of fever. He went to work today and found out that someone else was sick just like he was. They went to the doc and found out it was a middle ear infection. He might go to the doc tomorrow if he isn't better.
I went back to work on Monday. It was a little hard for me to get around. It's good that there was no one important there these last few days because I've been pushing myself around in a chair. Down the hall and into the bathroom... I'm using a cane as well, but I like the chair. I didn't use it today though. I can almost walk normally with the boot on. I can't put weight on the front of my foot quite yet. It's only hurting a little. Starting to itch a little as well. The absolute worst thing about last time was when the swelling went down and I wasn't supposed to take the bandage off. The bandage was a little loose and the stitches kept getting caught and were being pulled by the bandage. It was TORTURE!!!! I finally had Wes help me unwrap it and he cut the stitches shorter. I hope that doesn't happen again, but if it does, I'll fix it immediately.

I just got finished watching a REAL Hockey Game!!! Buffalo and Pittsburg were playing (NBC). What made it real hockey is that they were playing outdoors. (Not on a pond though, that would have been awesome!!) They set up a rink on a football field and all the fans were in the stadium around it. The game went into OT and then into a shootout. Pittsburg won.

So today, during the show I realized that it is now 2008. That means that 10 years ago, I graduated from High School. I'm old. I used to be able to read the Clarke Co. Tribune and recognize names on the honor roll list or faces in the sports pictures--little brothers or sisters of the people I grew up with. Now I am recognizing the names of children of the people I went to school with. A while back there was a picture of an elementary cheerleading group with the daughter of one of my friends from HS. I went to the hospital the day she was born. Now she is 10 years old. IT'S OFFICIAL.....I AM GETTING OLD!!!!

There are some cool new shows on the History channel this month. There's one called "The States". It's a series that focuses on all the states. Each show features 5 states and talks about the basic history and gives some rather interesting facts about each. There's another one that starts around January 21st called "Life without People". It talks about what the earth would look like if humans died out. There's some cool graphic renderings that show landmarks like the White House and the Lincoln Memorial overgrown with weeds like an old abandoned house. It talks about how the animal population would flourish and take over everything. It seems really interesting.

LOST comes back on January 31!!!!

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