Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stitch Free Again.....

Went back for my second post-op yesterday... They took the stitches out. It's also still a bit numb on the bend of my big toe. The Doc said there could be a nerve that's getting pinched. I asked if it would go away and he said "hopefully." We'll see. He also gave me a spacer to put between my big toe and the others. I got a few extras and I'm glad I did. I lost the first one within a few hours. I wasn't wearing a sock then. Now I'm wearing a sock so I won't loose another. Last night, my foot started to really throb. I think it's this spacer thing. I had to take a pain pill so I could sleep. This morning it's swollen again. Frustrating!!!

Before my appointment, Wes and I ate lunch at On The Border..... We sat in the outside dining area! In January!!! Wes was wearing shorts!!! This is crazy!!!

Today, Wes is going to the Republican Debate in Myrtle Beach. (about 2 hrs. away) So far he's gotten to meet McCain, Bill Clinton and a few National news faces (Brian Williams, and a few from CNN). He's trying to add to his collection... I know that's not the only reason he's going. He just likes that kind of stuff. Despite my opinions about politics... We have interesting conversations about all that. They usually end in him laughing at me and me at myself...... :)

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Beth said...

YEA!!! No more stitches!! I hope everything ends up healing well!! BTW - I hate campaign time too and don't understand why Congress doesn't pass a law for all primaries to be held the sa,e day!!!