Friday, January 11, 2008

Wes's TV debut (s)

Yesterday, Wes went to the Myrtle Beach Republican Debate to "rub noses" with the president want-a-be's. While I was flipping channels last night, I landed on my station's 5pm news and our "qualified" reporter was there running her mouth (When she interviewed Ron Paul, the only question she asked him was--are you racist?!!! It caused a big stink and Ron Paul was visibly shocked.) The second I started watching it, there goes Wes, trapsing across the field behind her. It was so funny!! I called him and told him what he did. (Every news station was lined up in that area, including FOX news and CNN). He laughed and then went by again holding the phone, laughing at me... It was funny. I went to bed shortly after this. He didn't get home until around 1:30 am. When I woke up, he had TiVo'd the debate and the Spinroom that followed. He showed me where he was walking around in the background of the spinroom while they were talking to Huckabee. THEN, one of our other reporters who was there and did a story just for the AM shows and there was Wes, standing there taking with the camera. It was rather funny. Here's some pics that he brought back.

Hannity & Colmes on Set

Random Press People

Random Press People

Ron Paul

Huge sand sculpture outside the convention center





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