Friday, January 4, 2008

Post op #1 & Rambles

Had my first Post op appointment yesterday. My foot is about twice as big as my left and has a color combination of blue, purple and yellow. It was wrapped so tight for so long, that my skin is dry and wrinkly. My regular doctor was on vacation, so I had to see his partner. He was nice, but his nurse wasn't. The nurse put one piece of gauze over the incision and then wrapped it with athletic tape. While she was wrapping it, she was pressing down on the wrap to stick it together--pressing hard right on the incision. It hurt so bad!! As soon as we left the office, it started hurting. It felt like my toenail was ripping from my skin and the incision was opening... We went to the drug store and bought some gauze and more tape and I re-wrapped it when I got home. She had it way too tight. I also went ahead and put band-aids over the incision so I don't have to deal with the stitches when the swelling goes down. My regular doctor likes to wrap feet on his own, instead of having the nurse do it. He uses a bunch of gauze and cuts it to fit in between the big toe and the little ones. It helps protect the big toe and keeps it straight. At first I thought it was a bit excessive. But now I understand why. It's easier now to bent it without thinking or hit it on something. My foot still hurts from yesterday. I can't walk as good now because when come off my right foot, it feels like someone's stabbing me... Today I think I'm going to attempt to wrap it like my regular doctor did.

Wes and I have spent the last two days cleaning out our second bedroom. We finally got rid of my computer desk and took my computer apart. We rearranged the room to make it more user-friendly and less cluttered. Now instead of two computer desks, my Grandmother's chair full of stuff, two filing cabinets and a bunch of boxes stacked in the corner and on chairs, we have just one desk and have eliminated one filing cabinet. I took the Christmas tree down a few days ago, but I can't put the containers up because I can't carry anything while I'm walking up the stairs. We still have to re-arrange the closet and get them in there somehow. That's my task today. Wes will have to move the boxes though.

Wes is feeling much better. However, I woke up with a sore throat this morning. It's better now. I took some of his medicine though. I don't want to get sick.

Found out the other day that another cousin of mine is pregnant! Yeah Becky!!! Congrats. Laura is due in February. Becky is due in August. Two Great-Grandbabies this year!!! (None from me, thanks!)

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