Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh, Lord help me!!

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! December 5, 2009 - I will run 26.2 miles...

I have paid my $70. If I don't run the St. Jude Memphis Marathon, I've thrown $70 down the toilet... December 5, 2009, I will run my legs off. I've been talking about it for years! I started reading this month's Runner's World magazine and there's a training guide in there that adapts itself to your situation (1st timer, PR seeker, no time to train runner, the injury prone runner, etc). I sat down and looked at it closely and realized that I can do this! I CAN! My running partner for this race is a 60+ yr old man! (My news Director, John Johnson). This will be his 3rd marathon.

I can share my training schedule and we can even train together! (Long runs are easier when your not alone)

If you don't want to run...just come for support!! It could be a great weekend trip for everyone. While I/we are running, everyone else can watch and explore downtown Memphis! The website has a great Hotel finder that shows the hotels proximity to the race.
PLEASE!!?!?!???! I need as much support as I can get! The more people waiting for me at the finish line, the more motivation I have to get there.
I'm already nervous!! Full training starts August 10Th! I've also got THREE 5K'S this summer! The State Games 5K on June 20 (next weekend)... Watermelon Classic 5K in Jackson on July 4Th, and the Slow Poke 5K in Philadelphia on August 1. I may add something longer closer to the marathon... Maybe a half... I don't know yet.
Mom & I went to Hudson's today... We were there for almost THREE HOURS!! They had a lot of name brand shirts, pants, skirts, etc for 7.99 each...

Oh yeah.... Congrats to the Penguins! They won the Stanley Cup last night... I was pulling for the Red Wings, but that's okay. I love the Game, not the team! :)

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Knight Shift said...

What a great commitment! I hope your training goes well with cool breezes and little rain. Even though some rain might actually feel good. If Jay and I are still in Mississippi in December, I think a trip to Memphis might be fun! Even Nathan would enjoy it. Do yall know where you'll be staying?