Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!! :)

Today is our 4th year anniversary. :) Yeah! We don't really have any plans. We're going out to dinner. We're saving money for our vacation. Plus I have work and Wes has school. He started his 3 summer classes this week. I also signed up for A&P 1 for the fall semester. A&P 1&2 are pre-requisites for the x-ray program.

Last week, Wes dove into a new house project... a Rain Barrel. More like a rain trough. (It's larger than I thought it would be.) We have the large stainless steel trough-like container next to the carport. He replaced the downspout from the gutter and now it pours into the barrel. He put all this together a few days after it rained like 5 inches within a few days. It hasn't rained since... There's no water in it... Hopefully we'll get some use out of it soon... I'll take a picture of it and post.

Papaw is doing better. He's gaining strength every day. Our hope is that he will continue to get stronger. His spirits are high and he's pretty proud of the progress he's made with his physical therapy. It's the first thing he talks about when I go by and see him. Mom is doing better as well. She's been out of the house several times. Dad has gotten on to her because she's done too much at times. :)


yanasina said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Juliet said...

Congratulations!! I hope y'all have a great day :)