Monday, August 24, 2009

More Pictures from Rothenburg...

These first few are inside the church in Rothenburg (St. Jacob's) We didn't take a picture of the outside because you couldn't see it for the scaffolding.... Check out the website for that. We were fascinated by this massive alter piece made entirely of wood. (First this is the organ) The thing was really tall and all handcarved. Beautiful... (The website above has it's history)
This is Judas. He can be removed from the alter. We read that they remove him during Easter.

Here's a display of the alter without Judas.
All wood.... Look at the clothing. It looks so real....

This is Zacheus (sp?) in the tree... (Remember: Zacheus was a wee little man....)

These are the original stained glass windows. They were removed and stored during the war.

Some beautiful flowers from someone's garden.

Here are more pictures from the city wall....

Loved the window flower boxes... They were all over the place.

From the tower...

Notice the windmills in the background. We saw them closer up while on the train.

Here's another church being renovated..... (left)

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