Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have officially lost it. Really.

Right now, I am on hold with Delta Airlines Lost Property Line. Why? Because this morning when I began to tear apart our luggage and sort laundry and such, I realized that our Photobank Hard Drive is MISSING!!!! It contained ALL of our VACATION PICTURES!!! (tearing up) I am so very upset right now!
We have several theories as to what happened to it. Did we leave it in a hotel room? We have been in and out of hotels for the last four days of our trip. Did it get stolen? Did it fall out? This is the most likely scenario. We feel this way because once when we got our bags from Baggage claim, my bag was unzipped about 6-8 inches. It could have easily fallen out.

Here's what happened... We had a great trip! It was awesome!(Details later) We get up to leave on Sunday morning and can't get on the plane. (Flying standby means we are on the list to get any unsold or unclaimed seats-if the plane is full, we don't get on!) We took a train to Frankfurt that afternoon because there were more flights daily (three instead of Munich's one). We get a hotel in Frankfurt and wake up the next morning to leave. No luck. The flights are oversold. We find another hotel in Frankfurt and try again Tuesday morning. Still NOTHING! Great. So we find out that there's a much better chance out of Charles De Gaulle (Paris) and more flights also. We decide to try it. (We have to buy plane tickets to Paris on Lufthansa because Delta doesn't fly from one foreign country to another). We get a hotel in Paris near the airport. Wednesday morning, we finally make it on the plane! Yeah! Each time we try for a flight, our bags get put on the plane, then taken off. On and Off, back to baggage claim, back to the hotel, back to checkin, back to the plane, etc... One time, we got our bags and mine was unzipped.

To be safe, we have emailed all the hotels. I remember seeing it in Munich. That's the last place I used it. I think I remember seeing it in Frankfurt. I have also emailed Frankfurt Airport, Charles De Gaulle airport and Lufthansa airlines. They all had online Lost Property departments. I am now on hold with Delta. (They have no easy way to submit a report online that I could find). ..................... Not much help at all! They wanted the baggage number. We have a stack of bag tags! There's probably 20 of them. We threw some away. Maybe I'll look through them and see if I can find the right ones. This is the needle/haystack scenario. I don't think I'll ever find it! I'm so upset right now. We had a great vacation and we have nothing to show for it but a couple of magnets. (We did buy a cuckoo clock-which just our luck will get damaged or lost in the mail too!) The only pictures I have are of the last four days of airports and hotels and of a short stroll through Frankfurt. We took some great pictures at the Eagle's Nest (Hitler's mountain top retreat). Lots from St. Goar - our Rhine River boat tour. The castles. Rothenburg and the Nightwatchmen's tour. Dachau. Munich. The Andech's Monastery. Priceless pictures that we'll never get back.

When I realized it was missing, I felt like I was going to throw up. I still do. Jetlag isn't helping either. My head is still swimmy and my headache won't go away. I can't focus. I ended up dropping my A&P class because I missed the first week. (I'll take it next semester, no big deal) I have to figure out what to do with my work hours because I missed two extra days. I have a busy Saturday coming up (1st Long run, Gracie's birthday in Vicksburg, work). I'm worried about Wes' school--he missed the first week as well. (four different classes) Papaw was in the hospital while we were gone. He's going home tomorrow, but I'm still worried and sorrowful because I haven't been able to see him yet. People keep saying "You had four extra days of Vacation," and "that's a great place to get stranded."

Yeah. Then why do I feel so terrible??

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