Saturday, August 29, 2009


It took over a week to finish all that!

Marathon training is going okay. Last Saturday I ran my first long run. 12 miles!! It's the longest run I've done so far. (That will change in a few weeks... October called for 22 miles!!!) I've been doing a lot of group runs. On Tuesday/Thursday's Tim, Thomas and I run together at Bonita Lakes. They are also running Memphis! I usually run alone on Mondays. The last two Saturdays, I have run with John (our news director). He's running the Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving. It's much easier running with a partner. I don't think I could have made it through the first long run alone. I was only supposed to do 7, but I felt really good so I kept going. Slightly regretting it because I got a big water blister on my foot (in my arch). I nursed it this week and the skin was hardening, so I felt good about running with it today. It started bothering me about mile 4, and then on and off the rest of the run. I came home, showered, napped, went to visit Papaw, and it began to really hurt. I had to go to Walmart too. It was all I could do to walk around Walmart. I was seriously limping. Right now, it's wrapped up in a wet cloth. I may sit out on Monday if it still hurts. (Sunday is a rest day already)

Papaw is doing okay. He was in the hospital while we were gone. He isn't wanting to do anything for himself and Aldersgate has some limitations. He is able to help himself to the bathroom and eat, but got to where he didn't want to. They suggested he go to Newton to their Geri/psych unit for evaluation to determine exactly what he can and can't do and what he's just not wanting to do. He's doing much better. (He went there on Wednesday)

Mom & Dad are in Montana...threatening not to come back....

uh oh.

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