Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yeah!!! I set a new PR in the 5k!!! 27:58!! I was so surprised and very excited!!! I wrote a race report on This was the first race of the season. I hadn't run much this week. My back has been killing me lately. It's fine when I'm standing, walking, and running, surprisingly. Sitting and lying down is torture! I haven't slept well in a while. I thought it was just a pulled muscle or something. I sleep on heating pads every night. Aleve hasn't helped at all. I tried Doans' back pain relief, but that gave me a serious itchy rash. Tylonel doesn't help. Ibuprofen helps a little. (I'm going to the doctor on Thursday) Anyway, I wasn't expecting to have a good time today. I wanted to finish as close to 30 minutes as possible. My previous PR is 29:14. I set a goal for this summer to beat that. I never expected to do it on the first try! And by 1 minute and 16 seconds!!! GO ME!!!!! Tim (my fast runnin' buddy) came in second (overall). I ended up in 5th in my age group. Which was good because I'm 29, the oldest in my age category (25-29). This will change this summer! Anyway, I was ecstatic!!! Here's some pictures... Oh, and somehow I got bib number 1!

Someone named Jessie who dressed like a penguin....
Chic Fil A cows....
Amy, me & Tim, members of BRC

The video Wes shot this morning is a huge file and is too big to load. (85mb) Tim is editing video together from our camera and from WTOK to post on check there in a few days... Wes got video of me finishing... I freak out when I see the clock and when I realize I beat my PR, I start to cry! :) Awesome day!

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