Wednesday, February 3, 2010

May 23.....

The day you won't be LOST anymore!....The day all the questions will be answered.... or will they?? The producers were on Jimmy Kimmel last night after the premiere and announced May 23rd for the final episode--which happens to be a Sunday. Knowing the Lost writers, they'll probably end the show like Seinfeld or Sopranos (I never watched Sopranos for the record.... but i did see all the media hype surrounding it's ending.)

So does anyone else feel more confused than before? Because I do. But it's not an irritated confusion. I know we'll learn the answers. Having the end date helps. Before I always felt jipped because I had to wait a whole week to find out what's happening, and even then there was no answers, just more questions. But with last nights episode, I was able to follow along pretty well. At first I thought they actually prevented the Swan from being built. The debris in the hole looked like all the medal stuff that was sucked into it. But Kate said they were at the swan station after Desmond blew it up. (I saw Sawyer pick up a red bicycle when he was trying to get to Juliet. I couldn't tell if it was parts of the exercise bike or one that a Dharma person used. I'll have to go back and watch again.) I'm pretty sure we'll see Juliet again though... just a hunch!
What I can't figure out is which storyline is reality or are they both?? And do the airplane characters have any memories of what happened? Are they faking "not" knowing each other? Why did Charlie try to kill himself? I don't feel like that was his intention when the plane ended up crashing. Maybe it was. I don't understand why Shannon wasn't there. The crash happened after the events in Australia took place. Why would the events prior to the crash change? Why is Hurley so "lucky" all of a sudden? Is Desmond on the plane because he never got stuck on the island? Is that a coincidence that he happens to be on the same plane? Where was Libby and Ana Lucia? (Did anyone notice that Frogurt was sleeping between Locke and Boone?) Did anyone notice that Jack was only given one bottle of Vodka on the plane (she gave him two in the first season).

Right now I'm thinking the airplane storyline is imaginary. The reason is because why would past events be changed if the plane didn't crash? (i.e. Hurley's luck, Shannon staying in Australia, Desmond being there, Libby's possible absence, Ana Lucia's possible absence, etc.) Is this a dream sequence of what the characters wished would happen? (I have to go back and see if he had a wedding ring on or not. I wonder if Jack had his on too? And was Locke married to Helen?) If that's the case, then why is Kate still in handcuffs? The only thing I can think of that makes the airplane storyline real is if they were able to return to their previous lives earlier and change things. But then, they should still have memories of the island and the crash.

Of course, I am most likely wrong in all this!
Another thing to... Juliet, before she dies, says "Let's get coffee. We can go dutch." Nick (sports guy at work) just mentioned his thought that she was somehow in both realities and maybe she was "just meeting him in the other....???." When Miles "talked" to her after she died and she said "tell him it worked," that was her other self telling his 1977 Dharma self that the bomb worked. There's a whole other theory process there. (Man, I'm getting a headache).

I'm watching it again this weekend! :)

So tell me if anyone is surprised by this? (I'm not). My last car payment is due this week. (YEAH!) This past Sunday, we get in the car to go to church, and guess what's bright and shiny?!! The check engine light. yeah. Wes is taking my car tomorrow to get it looked at. It's not cranking right and shutters a lot too. great.........

On a more positive note.... My Dad is sending Mom and I to NEW YORK CITY!!!! :) Mom's been wanting to go, just not without someone who knows where they're going. (I feel the same way. It's an intimidating place!) MCC is taking a group in December and Dad has reserved spots for us! :) Can't wait!!!

Still haven't decided on a marathon yet. Right now, my choice is Philadelphia. I'd love to do Chicago, but I have to sign up now (They register early and it always fills up quick). I'm in the lottery for the New York Marathon. They don't announce the winners until mid March. If I register for Chicago now, my dumb luck I'll get chosen and be registered for both (they're 3 weeks apart)! I can't afford two trips like that. I learned today that I can defer New York(If I get chosen, I can give up my spot and get in the next year. I haven't looked into it though.) Philly was one I was considering last year, before I decided on Memphis. Philly doesn't open registration until April 1, so I still have some time to decide.


Juliet said...

Wow, you're good at the Lost details!!! I can't decide which storyline is reality either?!? It's was crazy to follow... but they seemed to give the impression that Jack was sensing something was up while he was on the plane. There also has to be some significance to them losing his fathers body! There has to be... just not sure what it is.

I also think Locke (the real one) will be coming back to life somehow. And that woman that was in the temple who said she crashed on the plane and was also in the other storyline.

One thought I had was that both storylines are going to play out only to show us that the "destiny" for everybody ends up being the same no matter how the events play out? I don't know... just a thought I had. They do talk about destiny a lot.

It will definitely be an interesting few months!! Love reading your thoughts :)

Yay for New York!!

Boo for the car :( Hope it turns out to not be serious (or expensive).

yanasina said...

I just watched this tonight. I don't know about the two alternate realities, maybe they both exist? But it would make sense that some things are different because if the island's history changed, it would probably have affected some people on the plane's lives, like Shannon not being there for example, though that may just be because they couldn't get her on the show. I buy Desmond being on the plane, but Desmond disappearing is interesting though.
I also think Sayid is dead, and it is Jacob that waked up in his body. Or not....